TV Advertise in Scottish Borders

TV Advertise in Scottish Borders

As a top rated TV agency, we pride ourselves in offering the best value for money and work hard to make sure that our clients are happy with their TV ad campaigns. TV advertising is much more affordable than you think.

TV Ad Campaigns  in Scottish Borders

TV Ad Campaigns in Scottish Borders

If you would like to advertise your brand on a particular TV channel, we can offer this service to get you seen by plenty of potential new customers.

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Television Advertising in Scottish Borders

Television advertising is a superb way to promote any company, brand, business or product and with so many channels and options to choose from it's more of a reality than ever before.

That said, to TV advertise remains a dream for most companies with many discounting it from their marketing campaigns due to its perceived high costs.

Whilst it's accurate to say that UK TV advertising is expensive when compared to other promotional options, it often is more affordable than people first imagine, and most importantly the results and profits it can generate are brilliant.

If advertising on television is something you are considering for your company, drop us a message and we can give you both costs and talk you through the various options suitable for your individual budget.

It's also worth pointing out that buying TV ads is also much simpler than many TV advertising companies make out (in this section we'll try to explain the process simply), it's therefore more of a possibility than you probably imagine. 

If advertising on televison is of interest to your business contact us today and one of our friendly media planners will be in touch today to talk through the various bespoke options suitable for you.     

TV Advertising Agency

At PromoMEDIA we aim to be the best TV ad agency in the UK, delivering highly competitive pricing and the best TV spots for our diverse clients.

We can deliver either national or regional telly advertising campaigns to suit various budgets and individual needs - placing these on ITV, Channel 4 and Sky (via Sky Adsmart).

With brilliant results, advertising on TV in Scottish Borders TD11 3 is a very popular choice, particularly with large and well-established brands but increasingly smaller local companies.

As mentioned, to TV advertise is much easier than you most people think and as a fast-growing and fast-moving TV ad agency, our teams have what it takes to create and bring to life amazing campaigns that will get you noticed. We are the guys and the girls to talk to if you need to know more about the costs of TV ads and how they can work for you; boosting your profits and increasing your brand awareness.


What is Television Advertising?

Television advertising (or telly advertising as it is known) is basically promoting a product or service using short visual clips on TV.

It occurs across all stations (apart from BBC channels) and is a brilliant way of reaching millions of people and getting their attention for a short amount of time.

When you think about it, most people watch television at some point on most days – whether they like soaps, news, sports, quiz shows or daytime shows – there is something to appeal to everyone! That is why telly ads are such a popular form of marketing in Scottish Borders and why it's used to promote so many different products and services from luxury brands, through to food and clothing retailers. 

TV ads commonly run for 20 or 30 seconds, but there are shorter 10 second versions and even longer ones available.

To read more about the history of TV advertising take a read of our blog which explores the history of this brilliant form of marketing - 

We believe that advertising on telly is an unparalleled form of marketing to both enhance, inforce and enrich your reputation so, unleash the power of TV adverts today with either national or regional adverts and get your company on the silver screen!

The Power of TV Advertising

One of the reasons TV ads are so popular is because the audience can see and hear information about the products/services at the same time.

In other mediums, it is often one or the other e.g. you hear a radio ad or see an advert in a newspaper.

With TV marketing, you get a double hit of the senses, as well as reaching far more people! The fact you can also highly target viewers means that although reach is high, wastage is limited. 

With PromoMEDIA by your side, we will guide you through every intricacy and stage of the process, working to get the most from your budget. So, if you are seeking outstanding industry TV advertising rates and to get your company and product in front of millions of potential customers look no further. 

Contact us today for a free quote and top TV prices for all over the UK.

TV Ad Effectiveness - 2.5 Times More Effectice Than Other Media

When you are considering advertising on the television our media planners and media buyers will take the time to get to know your company, products and services to make sure that this is the most effective form of marketing for your company. Some products are more suited to this form of marketing than others. 

They will then put together a proposal, taking into account a good mix of relevant channels to hit your type of audience.

Our TV teams will study all that is required - including looking at the best times of day and programmes - matching your budget to your audiences’ television preferences - thus generating excellent results from your campaign. 

With TV adverts having tremendous power to create an impressive sales uplift, you can expect to see your campaign out-performing (by at least 2.5 times more) other forms of marketing.

Therefore, if you need to extend your brand awareness, reach newer broader markets or create a brand-new image, nothing will do it better than UK TV advertising.

Why Use Television Advertising?

Television advertising is a hugely effective medium for promoting a range of products and services and with so many TV channels to choose from, we can advise on which we will work for you based on what you are selling or promoting. 

Often clients often buy regional packages as the “cherry on top” of their broader marketing campaigns; coupling it with outdoor (, radio ads ( and press ads (, but sometimes the power of television ads work on their own.

You should never underestimate the power of TV advertising as part of an overall marketing campaign - or as an individual promotional tool. 

Marketing on the indepedent ITV station is the most popular form of television advertising in the UK. The UK is broken up into various TV regions, each covered by different aerials and stations - regions include the large Granada TV region (covering the North West of Engalnd), Charlton TV, STV, Central and more. However, there are also options on Channel 4, Sky Adsmart advertising and ITV Player online advertising to consider.

Prices vary across regions - due to the size of area and population in each area, as well as other factors. For more information on general costings, read on.

Targeting Your Audience with TV Ads in Scottish Borders

The most successful campaigns are those which are targeted and timed effectively; some TV campaigns work best targeting daytime shows and the people who watch them – programmes like This Morning and Lorraine are great at targeting house-wives, retired or those who are around in the daytime.

Peak-time evening shows such as Coronation Street, X-Factor, The ITV News or Emmerdale are watched by a mixture of millions of people, so these are of course brilliant at reaching a captive mass market quickly and telling them about you and what you offer.

As with all marketing you should put yourself in the mindset of your target market to achieve the best results; think about what are the doing, what do they like, what are the watching etc. That is they key to success - understanding who your target market is. 

TV Advertising Costs UK

Many of our clients ask us about the cost of TV adverts.  We often get asked “How much does it cost to advertise on TV?”, “How much does a 30 second TV ad cost?” or even, “How much are TV adverts?”

It will be no surprise that there is no fixed price when it comes TV ad rates. This is because costs and rates are determined by a number of different factors.

Technically TV spots are given what is called a TVR (Television Viewer Rating).

A TVR is essentially a rating based on how likely and how many millions of people are going to see your TV advert at the time it broadcasts. The higher the TVR the more people are watching (The X Factor, The News, Coronation Street have high TVR figures). 

ITV television advertising costs also vary across the UK, depending on regions and their population. Factors which determine the costs of TV adverts (and their TVRs) are outlined below:

  • The length of the ad – the longer the advert, the more expensive it is. Typically ads are 10, 20 or 30 seconds. Very occasionally there are longer ones – like the infamous John Lewis ones at Christmas. Unless your brand is very well known it’s best to go for the longer 20 or 30 seconds so you have enough time to get your message across. 
  • The channel you are going on - you can choose between ITV, Channel 4, Sky Adsmart and ITV Player. Each of the different channels have different viewing figures and different types of audiences. With ITV you can break down your TV ads to target specific regions, whilst with Channel 4 you have to do a national packages (as they can can’t break their ads options down into smaller regional areas).
  • The region – some areas of the country are more densely populated and the more people in a region (and therefore likely to see it) means your TV advert will cost more. Areas like London (Charlton) and The North West (Granada) as well as their surrounding areas, are expensive. However, you will reach more people and subsequently the results can be amazing for your company. You have to balance budget vs potential reach. 
  • The programmes you are targeting - you may want to target viewers of particular programmes by requesting certain spots - this can be done on ITV where you can select or “spot buy” e.g. You can pay for a guaranteed slot in Coronation Street or This Morning. With Sky Adsmart you can also target certain “types” of people or demographics e.g. those that watch lots of sport or those that watch music programmes, etc.
  • Time of day – you may want to target people in the morning, afternoon or evening. This depends on your product. When you think about it you see lots of adverts for children’s’ toys in the morning but not late at night. Again, you should consider your target audiences viewing habits when booking TV ads, putting yourself in their shoes.
  • Time of year – some times of year are more expensive than others. Christmas time is obviously more expensive and other key dates such as Valentines, Easter etc. are also very busy.

Based on the above, here at PromoMEDIA we will listen to what you want and take the time to create a bespoke plan so that you achieve top results from your campaign and get the best value for money. 

Does TV Advertising Work?

Yes, without a doubt.  

It is one of the more expensive forms of marketing but the returns can be amazing and that is why it is such a popular medium used by the biggest brands in the country and indeed across the whole world.

Quite often TV marketing is not as expensive as most people think, particularly when you look at the results obtained and it is often a great option for mid-scale companies looking to expand and grow.

Check out our recent blog on the history of TV advertising -

What is Sky Adsmart Advertising?

Sky Adsmart advertising is a brilliant way to target specific audiences with cheap telly advertising.

Target markets are determined through the programmes that the consumers watch on Sky – so you could target viewers of Sky Sports, Sky News, and Sky 1 etc. This gives you a real and accurate idea of who are seeing your adverts - making sure that you are targetted and have little wastage.

Here at PromoMEDIA we can get you great rates for advertising on Sky TV. To find out more information on Sky advertising watch the video below.

Adsmart Outoor advertising is also very effective to combine with your Sky telly adverts, for more information drop us a message to get more information. 

Television Ad Production

Experienced in the art of TV advert production, as well as media planning and purchase, PromoMEDIA are skilled experts when it comes to producing TV adverts across a wide range of sectors. The quality of TV advert is very important, there is no point having brilliant TV spots if you are let done by the actual advert. 

Networking with a range of directors and television advert producers we can therefore take care of all production requirements if required and if you need help in this area; otherwise we can simply purchase the TV spots or campaigns as desired.

If you need help with developing a concept script, casting, shooting and post production we can help, you can read more here (  

Whilst the main purpose of creating a television advert is to get your audience to enquire we believe that more innovative adverts are the most likely to get an audience to engage however your message needs to be clear as there is only a short amount of time available to get your message across. 

TV adverts also need to be approved by Clearcast (who are the regulatory board for TV ads) and we will take care of this on your behalf.

We aim to remove the stress of TV advertising in Scottish Borders by making it a simple process for you - looking after the booking, creation and clearing of your advert. 

Check out our PromoMEDIA Chitty Chitty Bang Band TV advert which recently ran on ITV. Starring Jason Manford, Claire Sweeney, Phill Jupitus and Carrie Hope Fletcher; the client was delighted with the results. We secured some great slots including Coronation Street, Emmerdale and This Morning.

How Do I Book a TV Advert & Buying TV Advertising in the UK

If you are interested in or want to book a TV campaign with us, check out the points below and contact us today; we can also chat through these points with you if you are unsure:

  • Identifying the specific target market for your product or service – think about what channels and programmes they watch.
  • Which part of the country you want to target – a local or national campaign?
  • If you have some idea of your budget, let us know. Otherwise we can propose costs for you.
  • TV spots buying

Should you require more information on TV adverts or require a no-obligation free quote, please fill in our contact form on this page. Once we receive your enquiry we will get back to you as soon as possible with helpful advice and details on costs.  We can then set up a campaign for you to suit your budget and target market.

PromoMEDIA Favourite TV Advert of the Week

Our favourite ad of the week this week is this incredibly moving Adidas commercial ( created by 26-year-old student filmmaker, Eugen Merher - everyone is talking about it.

We love it! Watch it here.


Get in touch with us today and see the benefits of TV advertising in Scottish Borders TD11 3 for your product or service.

As outlined there are lots of benefits to this popular form of marketing, which is why it's used by a huge variety of different companies. With options to suit various budgets, television advertising is often more affordable than many realise. If this form of marketing is of interest to you drop us a message and we'll be in touch with more information and costs to make this a reality. 

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