Vehicle Advertising in Kent

Vehicle Advertising in Kent

Our vehicle advert specialists can offer you the best value for money when thinking about bus adverts, train station advertising and taxi ads.

Professional Taxi Advertising in Kent

Professional Taxi Advertising in Kent

We have a number of taxi advertising experts that can offer you the best deals for marketing through taxis and black cabs.

Advertise on Buses in Kent

Advertise on Buses in Kent

If you wish to advertise on buses, we can provide you with media planning and buying for side and rear bus ads along with bus stop and bus shelter advertising.

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Vehicle Advertising in Kent

Vehicle advertising is a great way to reach a wide range of people who are out and about.  

As vehicle advertising specialists in Kent we offer great prices and coverage on all types of vehicle advertising, these options include buses (side, back and wraps), taxis (interior and external), ad-vans, trains, trams, lorries and more.

Vehicle advertising is popular with a wide range of different companies and products as the standout and bold adverts used in them are often brilliant at grabbing the attention of either passerbys or others driving and stuck in traffic. 

Here at PromoMEDIA we have carefully selected media buyers in outdoor marketing who specialise in vehicle advertising. 

For more information and to speak to the team fill in the enquiry form and we'll get back to you with various vehicle marketing options and FREE quotes. 

What is Vehicle Advertising?

Put simply, vehicle advertising is advertising on the side or back of moving vehicles; with the most popular options including adverts on:

  • Buses
  • Taxis
  • Trains and lorries
  • Vans
  • Trams

All of these various vechicle advertiing options are explored in more detail below but typically can include everything from vehicle advertising wraps to plastic sticky vinyls and vehicle magnet advert, attached the side of vehicles.  

For more information simply read on or drop us a message and we will send over more information today. 

Bus Advertising

We offer various types of bus advertising at PromoMedia, as buses come in different shapes and sizes across the UK.

The most popular options include:

  • Bus rears - advertising on the rear of buses with posters (various sizes are available).
  • Bus-sides - large sites/areas on the side of buses. 
  • T-side - again a large T side areas on the side of buses, often good for stand-out messaging. 
  • Interiors - posters inside the bus.
  • Coves - small posters above the seating areas. 
  • Branding a whole bus - also known as bus wrapping. 

At PromoMedia we think buses are a great way to get your company noticed, as many see them whilst either using them, driving or just on the streets. They are essentially an eye-catching moving billboard.

Bus advertising is often an affordable option as you are able to select the number of buses wanted. It is also sometimes possible to select the routes that they travel through certain towns and cities. As bus advertising is a great way to reach a cross-section of communities (bus routes can often cover substantial distances), we think they offer great value for money for any campaign no matter what industry you are in.

Watch our video here to learn more about bus advertising and to see them in action. For more information also head over to our dedicated page here which explains the options mentioned above in more detail -

Taxi Advertising in Kent 

Another very popular form of vehicle advertising is taxi advertising.

This form of marketing has many of the benefits of bus ads but the added benefit that they often reach into areas not served by bus routes. They are therefore often a good back-up or as support to a bus advertising or other elements of any outdoor advertising campaign; allowing you to really dominate an area with strong messaging and advertising.

Similar to buses there are various options to consider, including:

  • Branding the exterior of the taxi - you can wrap and brand the whole taxi or just the sides. 
  • Internal options - internal taxi ad options including posters on the back of seats and chairs and digital screen advertising, where mini TV adverts and videos are played to customers as they travel. 

Taxis are a popular form of advertising for many of our clients as they are used lots of different people from business people to tourists and families across the country. They are therefore used as a marketing medium by a range of industries and are particular very popular with the following sectors; the advertising of luxury brandsretail and clothes marketing and the launch of new products. 

Depending on the size of the fleet of taxis available, you can also make taxi advertising work on most budgets by simply selecting how many taxis you would like to brand - this makes it an affordable option and one for those on more limited budgets. 

Take a look at our video below to see taxis working their magic for a cross-section of different businesses. If you think they could work for you, contact our teams for more information and FREE quotes. 

Black Cab Advertising

Black cab ads are a form of taxi advertising.

Their reach is often considered less than standard taxi advertsing as they are only found in the centres of the main towns and cities in the UK. That said, if your target market is likely to be people who live or work in these urban areas this form of vehicle advertising may be the best option for you.

They are particularly popular in areas such as LondonManchester, Birmingham, CardiffEdinburgh and Brighton.  In these areas there are often lots of black cabs, so although your geographical reach maybe smaller (as they don't cover the whole country or city) the sheer density of people is often greater. On top of that these urbanites may also be your preferred target market depending on what you are promoting. 

As with standard taxis you can brand the sides, wrap the whole vehicle or look at internal options. Also, as with standard taxi ads, interactive taxi TV screens can also be used. This types of taxi advert is becoming more and more common throughout the UK and can be set up for a reasonable price.

If you would like more information on in-taxi advertising screens ot black cab adverts please get in touch using the contact form provided.

PromoMedia Top Tip for Taxi Advertising

It is a well-known fact that taxi drivers love to chat their customers. So we often advise clients with local businesses or events to get them onboard by giving them free, samples, tickets, haircuts, trials etc of whatever they are selling or promoting. If the drivers then like it, you ask them to spread the word to their passengers when talking to them! It's a brilliant and free way of generating word of mouth marketing for your business to the public!

Car Wrap Advertising

Car wrapping is the term given to branding a whole vehicle with artwork.

This can be done with most vehicles, as mentioned above it is most commonly done with buses and taxis but some companies also do it with company cars.

If you are interested in branding your own car or company cars get in touch and we can help.

One of the best and most famous forms of car wrap advertising was the campaign which Red Bull ran a few years ago to promote their drink. It certainly got great standout.

Advans in Kent

Advans are the vans with very large posters on their backs.

They are often a cheap alternative to other forms of vehicle advertising however they are still effective.

They are often used by theatre shows where the image on the van can be the imagery of the show whilst playing the soundtrack through a stereo system. We also place ads on the side of trucks, so visit this page - to see more on this type of marketing.

Tram Advertising

Lorry Adverts

Vehicle Advertising Costs

Car adverts costs can vary depending on the type of vehicle you choose to advertise on. For example, the cost to advertise on the side of a bus will not be the same as the price of taxi marketing or train station prices. It is essential to bring your price range into account before deciding on what business ads to use for your products. We advise that you talk us through what media styles you feel would be best to promote your business. We'll present you with more information regarding the business adverts you could have.

Just fill out the contact form and one of our experts can get in touch at the earliest opportunity. To get the most from traditional and online promotions we think it's always best to create innovative promotional advertisements. These types of adverts are most likely to draw people in and also have the very best end result for the business. Individuals normally discover these inventive adverts more and this then leads to them becoming focused on exactly what is being marketed. 

Which Companies Use Vehicles Advertising 

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At PromoMEDIA we believe that vehicle advertising is a fantastic way to promote nearly any business or product and with options to suit most budgets it is one of the most popular forms of marketing we deal with, get it touch today and let's get the wheels in motion.