Newspaper Advertisement

Newspaper Advertisement

As a professional newspaper advertisement agency, we can carry out professional media planning and buying services to promote your products.

Press Ad Production

Press Ad Production

We can carry out press ad production to develop creative adverts which will get your brand in front of the right people.

Specialist Press Advertising

Specialist Press Advertising

As press advertising experts we can carry out the production and planning of press ads. We work closely with our clients to make sure the best ROI is made.

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Newspaper Advertisement Agency

Here at PromoSEO we are a professional newspaper advertisement agency specialising in the buying and planning of press ads. Our expert teams ensure our clients get the best adverts, targeting both niche and broader markets. Press advertising is common throughout the United Kingdom as many people buy and read newspapers on a daily basis; for this reason press ads are a great way to promote both new and existing products, personal services, as well as just getting your business name out there. We speak to our clients and work closely with them to create a bespoke plan. If you would like to discuss press ads with our newspaper advertisement agency team in more detail, please fill in our contact form.

We may also suggest other forms of advertising to compliment your press ads if we think that these are suitable, giving you an even stronger marketing campaign. Here at PromoMEDIA we're able to deal with the buying and preparation of any form of  media with our team working within an agreed budget to get you the best return on investment.

What is Press Advertising?

Press advertising is the industry term for advertising in newspapers and magazines. Advertising in newspapers and magazines is still one of the most effective forms of advertising in the UK, forming the cornerstone of many successful campaigns across a range of industries. When you open a newspaper you will find adverts for a full range of products, nearby events and services, everything from concerts, toys, plumbing businesses, betting websites, cars, clothes and holidays in your surrounding areas – the list is endless.

Press advertising is a common form of marketing because it works. Newspaper advertisements closest to you are perfect for retargeting as well as gathering in new clients closest to you and they can be as big or small as you want.  You can also choose whether you want an ad near the front or back of the paper. The cost of press advertising in depends on these certain factors.

As a high proportion of the UK population read newspapers and magazines on daily basis it’s a great way to get your message out there. You only have to look inside any newsagents to see the huge range of titles available - from national newspapers, local free papers, regional newspapers, weekly and monthly specialist magazines (cooking, car, kids, lifestyle etc.) - there is something to target and appeal to everyone. At PromoMEDIA we carry out research to analyse which papers suit our clients, insuring the best possible results and return on investment (ROI), so your business grows.

At PromoMEDIA we are a professional newspaper advertisement agency, specialising in the buying and planning of press ads for a range of diverse clients. Our experts arrange the best advertisement rates and positions to target your niche or broad markets.  If you would like to discuss press ads with our team in more detail, please fill in our contact form and tell us a bit more about you, what you are looking for, any particular newspapers or magazines you are interested in and your budget. We will do the rest.

Press Advertising Options Near Me

As they are many different newspapers and magazines there are naturally lots of different options for you to choose from. Here at PromoMEDIA our top newspaper advertisement agency team we can guide you through the maze and find out what is likely to work for you and your business.

Here is our brief overview of different newspaper and magazine types:

National Newspapers – These are the “big titles” we have all heard of. They have massive circulation (circulation is the amount of copies that are printed) making them a very effective form of marketing. These well-known titles include The Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Mail on Sunday, Sunday Mirror, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph, The Guardian, The Times, The Sunday Times, The Observer, The Sun, The Daily Express, Sunday Express and more.

Each of these titles have a different type of reader (or demographic) so choosing the right one for your product is key, this is something we can advise on. Some of these titles appeal more in certain areas and to certain people e.g. some work better in the North, some the South, some more to male or female audiences etc.  These newspapers are also known as tabloids and others as broadsheets. Again choosing the right one for you is something we can advise on at PromoMEDIA.

Naturally as these titles cover the whole of the UK they are the most expensive, reaching a huge amount of people. However, if you have a brand, company or product which is nationwide (or that’s the direction you want to go in) they are a brilliant way to reach a vast audience instantly. Get in touch to find out our very competitive rates.

Local/Regional Newspapers – Most areas of the UK have their own main newspapers, examples of these include the Birmingham Mail, London Evening Standard, Manchester Evening News, Glasgow Evening Times, Bristol Post, Brighton Argus, Liverpool Echo etc. These are newspapers which are daily and have high circulation in their own town and cities. Events, products and services which are relevant to these areas work particular well e.g. if you are advertising a concert in Manchester you would use the Manchester Evening Times, a special offer at a department store in Bristol you would use the Bristol Evening Post etc. Products which have national presence also work very well as lots of people live in these areas and read these papers. Costs again vary depending on the area and circulation but often these local/regional newspapers adverts offer a great return and value for money.  

Free Newspapers – These are the ones you get free through your door. In the UK most areas get a free local paper every Wednesday/Thursday. The stories and adverts in these tend to be very local; everything from cats stuck up trees to local sport updates. The adverts in these are cheaper and tend to be very local. They are commonly used for local hairdressers, shops, restaurants, plumbing businesses etc. As they are so targeted to an area they normally work well and are good at raising profiles. They are the first step in growing a business.

Metro – This is a free paper which is distributed nationally every day. It is read most mornings by centre-city commuters across the UK. You can advertise both nationally and also locally through our newspaper advertising agency in Metro. Again The Metro is great for raising profile both locally or across the country. It is the most popular daily free newspaper in the UK.

Standard Magazines – There are hundreds of different magazines to choose from when marketing, it really does depend on your target audience to which of these you choose. You will probably have an idea of which magazines interest you and your target market, let us know and we’ll get you our PromoMEDIA special rates for you. We work with all types of magazines including the main ones including Heat, Women’s Own, Women’s Weekly, Primary Times, BBC magazines etc.

Free Magazines – Some areas have free local magazines which are distributed to schools, doctors surgeries, cafes etc. These magazines vary all over the country. If there is a particular one you like, let us know and we’ll go and get you the best rate.

If any of the above are of interest fill in the contact form and let us know. Our team will be straight onto it.

What are the Costs of Newspaper Advertising?

We commonly get asked “How much does it cost to advertise in a newspaper?” or "What are the best newspaper advertising costs in the UK?” As you can see from all the information above there is not a simple answer, various factors have to be taken on board.

Costs of newspaper ads depend on:

  1. Which newspaper or magazine you want to advertise in – some are more expensive and have bigger circulations e.g. The Daily Mail is more expensive than the Hull Times.
  2. The size of the ad you want – a bigger ad costs more money e.g. if you want a full page advert it’s going to be more expensive than a ¼ page.
  3. Where in the newspaper the ad appears. Near the front and right hand sides are generally more expensive as they are seen and read by more people.

Prices can vary from £80 to £25k! So there are loads of options – get in touch with our friendly newspaper advertisment agency team today and we will get prices for free and see if they suit you and your company.

PromoMEDIA TOP TIP for Press Advertising Near Me

  • Make sure your advert is clear in what it is and what you are offering.
  • Don’t be cluttered or too desperate in your message and don’t use too many words.
  • Colour also works well to make things stand out. Most newspapers are on white paper so a colour which lifts it off the page and catches the eye is always good!

How to Order Press Ads from PromoMEDIA

If press ads appeal to you get in touch today by filling in the form on this page.

If possible give us the following information on the enquiry form, if you don’t have all this info just give us what you can:  

  1. If you know what newspaper or publication you want to advertise in let us know – if not we can suggest what we think will suit.
  2. If you know what size advert you want let us know – if not we can suggest.
  3. Let us know your target market – we may have more ideas to suggest.
  4. Let us know a budget – even if just a rough one.
  5. Let us know if you want to advertise with a local, national paper or both.
  6. Let us know when you want the adverts to appear.

When we have this one of our media buyers will choose the right newspaper for your ad or give you the rates on the ones you have requested. As a top newspaper advertisement agency providing a variety of services we will offer great value prices which suit what you need.

If you are happy with the rates – you can book!