Media Agency Services

Media Agency Services

We are an expert media agency offering advertising services through a range of traditional marketing techniques to promote your brand to a wider audience.

Specialist Business Advertising

Specialist Business Advertising

We can put together a range of different outdoor advertisements for your business as well as online strategies to target new customers.

Media Planning Service

Media Planning Service

If you would like to set up an ad campaign for your business we can provide a range of radio, print, billboard and online ads to promote your services.

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PromoMEDIA – A Full Service Media Agency

As a specialist media and advertising agency we are here to promote your brand, business or product through a range of media platforms across the UK. These could be newspaper adverts, outdoor options, television commercials, billboards, online searches, radio campaigns and anything else in between.

Here at PromoMEDIA our friendly teams work with a huge variety of companies across different industries and are experts in raising company profiles, launching new products, helping small and medium-scale businesses grow as well as working with large established brands. Whichever of these you are, our aim is to put your product in front of your target audience in the most engaging and cost-effective ways. Depending on your advertising needs, budget and business goals our professional and experienced teams will put together a bespoke plan, selecting the right media channels, locations and timings in-order to present your company to your potential customers at the Right Time, Right Place, Right Price

Alternatively if you wish to purchase media directly through us and take advantage of our excellent media rates this is something we offer. At PromoMEDIA we look after media-buying for company in-house marketing teams, marketing agencies, self-employed individuals, entrepreneurs and those looking for one-off purchase options. We are able to help you save money in taking advantage of our preferential advertising rates rather than purchasing through the media-owners at more expensive rate card costs.

If you are interested in what we offer contact us today via the form on this page and tell us a bit about what you are looking to advertise, whereabouts you are and what your budget is, we will then put together a bespoke marketing campaign to suit your needs. So, whatever your budget, whatever you’re promoting and wherever that is in the UK, let PromoMEDIA help you achieve your business ambitions. We look forward to hearing from you.

Tell Us More About You

So we can crack on with marketing your product or service we’ll need a few bits and pieces:

  1. Some information on what you are looking to advertise – your business, product or event.
  2. A budget for your campaign – even if just a rough idea.
  3. Your target audience - or tell us who you think they are.
  4. A location – whereabouts in the country are you? Do you want to promote locally or nationwide?
  5. Running time or time-scale for your campaign (we can advise on this if you are unsure).

Once you have given us this information our local highly-skilled media planners and media buying teams ( will find the best marketing options, costs and check availability on these for you. Please be aware there are no costs involved in getting you these prices, you only pay for what you book, so there is nothing to lose.

Alternatively you may have a good idea of what you want already, some businesses particularly like outdoor advertising and we have a full range of options to consider (, whilst others prefer other mediums such as press ads or TV.  We often find our clients already know which radio stations or billboards they would like (, so if you do want something specific just let us know. On the other hand, if you are uncertain just get in contact and will put together some suggestions based on your enquiry.

Why is Advertising Important?

Advertising is important because it allows you to promote your business, products or services to people who are potentially interested in what you offer but haven’t heard of you, alternatively it also allows you to stay in the consciousness of your current customers. Successful advertising allows you to build a loyal base of customers who you can satisfy time and time again so your business can grow. Here at PromoMEDIA our job is to get your brand in the public eye; increasing public awareness and also creating positive perceptions about what you offer. We are experts in putting you in front of your target audience wherever they may be and whatever they are doing

Independent Media Campaigns from PromoMEDIA

PromoMEDIA are an independent media company and we have no bias towards specific media providers or types of media. As a specialist agency providing full service strategies including radio, TV, outdoor advertisements, online and more, we really are a one stop shop for whatever you require.

Some media agencies are affiliated with certain TV channels, newspapers and radio stations, so they're more likely to set up campaigns with these providers regardless of your needs. As we are not linked to any specific broadcasters or media suppliers we can choose the platforms which will perfectly target your audience. We of course have brilliant relationships with all the major suppliers and get the best rates, but ultimately our loyalty is with our clients and not our suppliers, so we always look to do the best by you.

Get in Touch

Please contact our team today through the enquiry box on this page if you'd like some more information on what we offer.

If you are looking for a full service media agency we can help you with your local and nationwide campaigns and create a bespoke plan to suit you, your needs and budget.