Media Agency Services

Media Agency Services

We are an expert media agency offering advertising services through a range of traditional marketing techniques to promote your brand to a wider audience.

Specialist Business Advertising

Specialist Business Advertising

We can put together a range of different outdoor advertisements for your business as well as online strategies to target new customers.

Media Planning Service

Media Planning Service

If you would like to set up an ad campaign for your business we can provide a range of radio, print, billboard and online ads to promote your services.

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A Full Service Media and Advertising Agency

PromoMEDIA are a specialist media and advertising agency and are here to promote your brand, service, event or product through a range of marketing platforms across the UK. These options could be newspaper adverts, outdoor advertising, television commercials, billboard advertisements, online paid searches, underground advertising, radio campaigns or anything else in between.

Here at PromoMEDIA our friendly and experienced advertising teams are based throughout the UK and we work with a range of clients across different industries and different locations, from the public sector through to international companies – so whatever your budget, product or service and wherever you are in the UK, we can help you achieve your advertising aims and ambitions.

PromoMEDIA are experts in raising company profiles, launching new products, helping small and medium-scale (SME) businesses grow as well as working with large established brands to increase turnover and profits; no company is too big or small and we treat all our cilents with the same level of professionalism and respect. So, whichever of these you are, as a fast growing, friendly and top advertising agency, our aim is simple and remains the same; to put you in front of your target audience in the most engaging and cost-effective ways - at PromoMEDIA we make your money and messages go further with quality and cost-effective advertising. 

We promise to listen to you and depending on your budget and business goals, our professional and experienced media planning teams will put together a bespoke advertising plan for you, selecting the right marketing options, placing and timings, to present your company to potential customers at the Right Time, Right Place, Right Price.

At PromoMEDIA we look after all aspects of advertising for our cilents including planning, buying and execution. We work with in-house marketing teams, external marketing agencies, self-employed individuals, entrepreneurs and those simply looking for one-off purchases. There is no budget too big or small and we will always try to help. 

If you are interested in what we offer here at PromoMEDIA, contact us today via the form on this page and tell us a bit about you, whereabouts you are and what your budget is. After that, an appropriate friendly media planner will be matched to your enquiry. They will then give you a call, or drop you an email, before putting together a bespoke marketing campaign to suit your needs. As a full service advertising agency we will save you both time and money by getting you preferential and cheap advertising rates quickly, rather than you purchasing directly through media owners at more expensive “rate card” costs; so we will save you both time and money. 

So, whatever your budget, whatever you’re promoting and wherever that is in the UK, let PromoMEDIA help you achieve your business advertising goals. Our aim to take the mystery of out of marketing and make the advertising process simple and transparent. So whether you are looking for eye-catching outdoor advertising, radio advertising, bus stop advertising or anything else, contact us today via the enquiry box and we wil give you free quotes on all you needs. We looks forward to working with you and seeing your business and profits grow. 

Tell Us More About You

So we can crack on with marketing and advertising your product or business we’ll need a few bits and pieces:

  1. Some information on what you are looking to advertise – your business, product or event.
  2. A budget for your campaign – even if just a rough idea. No figure is too big or small for us to work with; we can always make something work.
  3. Your target audience - or tell us who you think they are. Who are you trying to appeal to?
  4. A location – whereabouts in the country are you? Do you want to promote locally or nationwide?
  5. Running time, or time-scale, for your campaign (we can advise on this if you are unsure). It’s worth pointing out that the best sites/spots are booked in advance so forward planning is advised to achieve the best spots and best prices for your ad campaign.

Once you have given us this basic information our highly skilled media planners and media buying teams ( will find the best marketing options, cheapest costs and check availability for you. Please be aware there are no costs involved in getting these, you only pay for what you book, so there is nothing to lose from making an initial advertising enquiry.

Alternatively you may have a good idea of what you want already (or want an advertising comparison quote, if that is the case let us know and we will arrange), some businesses particularly favour outdoor advertising and we have a full range of options to consider including billboards, bus sides, bus stops etc (, whilst others prefer other mediums such as newspaper ads or TV.  We often find some of our clients know which radio stations or billboards they’d like to use (, so if you do want a specific site just let us know and we will contact the owner for you. On the other hand, if you are uncertain of the best marketing options just get in contact and our experienced advertising agency team will put together some media suggestions for you to consider.

Is Advertising Important For My Business?

We believe advertising is important for all companies because it allows you to promote your business, products or services to people who are potentially interested in what you offer but haven’t heard of you (engage with new customers), alternatively it also allows you to stay in the consciousness of your current customers. Successful advertising campaigns with experienced advertising agencies allow you to build and then maintain a loyal base of customers who you can satisfy time and time again so your business can continue to grow. Here at PromoMEDIA our job is to get your brand in the public eye through various advertising mediums; increasing public awareness and also creating positive perceptions about what you offer. We are experts in putting you in front of your target audience wherever they may be and whatever they are doing. There is no point having the best product in the world if you don’t tell people about it!

Get in Touch

We work with different companies of all shapes and sizes, ranging from local dance schools to well-known colleges, local garages to international food companies, leading theatre tours to major hotel and restaurants chains, national gym groups to construction companies and everything in between – we love our varied clients and we’d love to help your business take the next step with our affordable business advertising solutions.

Please contact our friendly team today through the enquiry box on this page and we’ll put together a bespoke local or nationwide campaign to suit you, your needs and budget.

If you are looking for a full service media agency we can help you with your local and nationwide campaigns and create a bespoke plan to suit you, your needs and budget.