Retail Advertising

Retail Advertising

We offer expert retail marketing services for a number of companies looking to market their brand or specific products in various places.

Retailer Advertising Specialists

Retailer Advertising Specialists

Adverts can be placed through a number of channels including magazines, posters, TV and various outdoor spaces to promote your brand and products.

Retail Sector Marketing

Retail Sector Marketing

Our team can organise advertising through a variety of channels to promote your retail brand and ensure potential customers know about you.

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Retail Marketing

The world of retail marketing is very competitive.

The high-street and internet are full of retailers selling clothes and fashion accessories of all shapes, colours and sizes for all people. It is a cutthroat and an ever-changing industry where it is important to stay ahead of the curve and be noticed. Here at PromoMEDIA, we work with many fashion retailers, from high-street fashion houses to independent shops as well as online and catalogue retailers.

These different sectors of the retail industry all require different retail marketing and advertising techniques to be successful. Obviously, each outlet has different target markets so it’s important to think who your target market is – are they men, women, fashion conscious, older, younger, high spenders etc.? All these will determine the type of marketing techniques your company should consider.

Here at PromoMEDIA we will listen to your aims and ambitions, look at your brand, target market and put together a bespoke plan.  

What is Retail Marketing?

Retail marketing is generally advertising clothes and fashion accessories to the general public and getting your brand in the public eye wherever they may be. That could be online, through social media, TV ads or outdoor options.

Retail is one of the broadest and most competitive industries in the world so you need to be clear and specific about who you are targeting to make your budget work for you in a cost-effective way. You also need to think of ways to stand out from the crowd. Eye-catching artwork is often key (which is often why super-models are used!) with visual forms of marketing working particularly well in this sector. 

What are the Best Options for Retail Advertising?

As mentioned visual advertising works brilliantly for retail, basically people love to see what they are buying. The old mantra of “show and don’t tell” works really successfully in this area. As a general rule here at PromoMEDIA we would suggest the following options to really show off your retail business although all forms of media are generally worth considering in this sector:

  • Billboards, 48 sheets and general outdoor - billboards and 48 sheets are big, bold and eye-catching and really draw the attention of potential customers. They are great in showing off colours, styles and fashions – all key to the retail industry. Back-lit options in high-footfall areas or roadside work particularly well but there are many outdoor options to consider which can be accommodated on most budgets.
  • TV advertising in the retail industry - with such a brilliant audience reach and as a powerful visual medium TV is very popular with retail and fashion advertisers. At PromoMEDIA we can place TV ads all over the UK and will look at options on ITV, Sky and Channel 4. We will try and work with most budgets although it’s worth pointing out that TV is one of the more expensive media options.   
  • Press and Newspapers Adverts - A cheap and cost-effective way to reach people on either a local or national level, press and newspaper ads are still very popular and effective when it comes to retail marketing. Glossy magazine ads also work well again so colours can really ping off the page.
  • Advertising in Shopping Centres - Advertising in shopping centres – in the car-parks, in the malls, in the restaurants, in lifts and on digital screens - is always a great way to attract the interest of shoppers when they are in the mood and locality to buy!

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