Finance Marketing

Finance Marketing

We can offer finance marketing services for many companies within the financial sector to promote different brands and products.

Financial Sector Advertising

Financial Sector Advertising

Be sure to contact us if your company works within the finance industry and is in need of marketing services to reach a wider audience.

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Finance Marketing

Advertising in the financial industry is an increasing competitive sector we work with at PromoMEDIA. There are more banks, mortgage advisors, pension suppliers, private equity companies, loan companies and financial institutes than ever before, all looking to communicate with new and existing customers. Advertising in the financial industry is therefore fierce with many large companies spending significant budgets to maintain and create a positive perception of their brand and what they offer.

Purchasing products and services in the financial sector is often something consumers don’t want to do and often have limited understanding of, however, most people are aware that need to keep on top of their finances and so are always on the look-out for the best credit card deals, top mortgage rates, pension deals and personal banking deals on a constant, if even somewhat sub-conscious, level.

Marketing and advertising in this financial industry doesn’t come easy and a high degree of specialist knowledge and experience is required in order to communicate effectively to customers; the advertising needs to be clear, factually correct and understandable. It’s probably fair to say that finance advertising is rarely exciting, but the right communications can at least make it accessible and clear… and even with creative advertising ideas, (gasp) fun!

If you are a company looking for financial marketing to promote your services or products, contact us today and we’ll put together a bespoke advertising plan to achieve the results you desire.

Advertising in the Fast-Moving World of Finance

The world of finance is a fast-developing and changing one. Affected like no other sector by political changes and world events, businesses operating with the financial industry frequently have more to contend with in getting their messaging out to their audiences in a timely, relevant and factually correct manner. Regulative and legislative changes happen all the time and often have requirements that are to be immediately mirrored in all communications. This alone demands that those working in marketing for anything finance-related must work within a cycle of continuous improvement, including agile campaigns which allow for quick changes of messaging, direction or channel. In light of this certain forms of advertising are particularly effective and popular in this sector, namely TV advertising which have the power to be updated quickly and booked relatively late-  (whilst communicating to millions). Other marketing options to hit a large cross section of customers is train station advertising - - particularly effective are electronic billboards within major stations which can be updated speedily with new artwork and messages.

Working with an Advertising Agency

Not meeting regulatory changes or not making your product come across in an interesting manner will hinder the success of your financial product advertising. It is therefore important to work with a marketing and communications agency that have the relevant experience, such as PromoMEDIA, in order for things to run smoothly, campaigns to be cost-effective and to achieve a good return on investment. Those working within the financial sector often find it beneficial to take advantage of a third-party view (one outside of their internal marketing departments); as it can be all too easy to forget how little others and the general public may actually comprehend about a service or product. If a customer therefore doesn’t understand your messaging, they won’t return for clarification but just move on to a competitor – so in working with an outside and impartial agency just as us, it’s a chance to “litmus test” that your communications are clear and understandable.

Tips for Financial Sector Marketing

Marketing to consumers about financial products and services need to draw a fine line between being educational and being patronising – this can be difficult to balance. There is little room for error in such communications and little allowance for standard sales gimmicks. This is because money and finance is a serious matter for most people and they don’t want to feel it’s not been taken seriously or professionally. Therefore, communications must be clear and ‘to the point’, whilst maintaining professionalism and instilling trust.

In advertising of this type, consumers are unlikely to spend much time focusing on an initial brand contact, and so brevity can be key. Wording must be extremely clear and concise (perhaps more so than any other industry) and key claims must be substantiated by fact and often small print. Newspaper ads are often a favoured form of communicating these messages as they allow small print to be clearly visible (for more information on press ads visit our page - The legal implications of being ambiguous or unwittingly misleading are much more severe in the financial sector than elsewhere and so there should be no risk made with marketing.

Insight Marketing

Interestingly, brands in the financial space often have an advantage over other such industries in targeting their audiences, as the information they hold on existing clients is plentiful and gives great intelligence into buying habits and demographics – advertising can therefore be very targeted. Sharing this information with a marketing team allows for them to work from insights gained and really drill down to target the most relevant potential customers through the most relevant channels and with the most relevant messaging whether this be finance marketing through TV ads, radio advertising, out of home advertising or London Underground advertising. Working through and understanding the customer journey and touch-points that your business already has in place can be of huge benefit to both marketers and the brand itself. If you’re not sure of how or what these are already, PromoMEDIA can help you identify them and then tailor your communications around them.

Speaking with the Customer, Rather Than to Them

In some climates, there may appear to be little to differentiate financial brands’ products from one another – mainly due to the lack of information or understanding that the public hold on them. In these cases, there is a lot to be said for differentiating your brand’s focus, values and personality rather than the products on offer. Many consider that they only deal with a financial business when something goes wrong and so there is a great degree of trust to invoke, alongside a brand personality that inspires responsible behaviour and loyalty. In many cases, a customer may choose to invest more within a brand than others or opt for a more expensive product over their competitors as a result. The internet has made it easier than ever to compare services and products between companies and if there’s little wiggle room on prices, reputation can be key. Online presence in terms of ads, social media advertising and PPC (discussed in more detail- - are again a popular form of advertising and also educational about the finance sector).

Positive Relationships with Marketing

Perhaps more so than in other sectors, financial services and products offer the opportunity to build up a long-term relationship with consumers rather than a one-off sale. This improves a customer’s life-time value with your business, but also promotes loyalty and recommendations. It is always more expensive to regain a customer after they have left your business than to recruit a new one and so a real emphasis should be placed on maintaining a relationship. Aside from any standard regulated periodic communications, further community involvement and side projects should be considered. Financial services companies are all too often thought of as ‘the bad guys’ and if someone is already ‘on side’, this should be worked with to gain better positive public relations within local communities.

Accuracy and relevance is key with financial marketing communications, as is reputation. Consumers will rarely make a snap decision or purchase with such products but instead need to be able to recall a brand name later, when they have a requirement to purchase. It is this ongoing positive brand picture that PromoMEDIA can help you paint and maintain in the eyes of both potential and existing customers. It may not seem as exciting or eye-catching as other sectors, but the financial market holds plenty of real-life stories, inspirational anecdotes and collaboration opportunities to work with – and for – consumers everywhere. 

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