Advertising on the Radio

Advertising on the Radio

Advertising on the radio is a brilliant way to reach a wide audience at very affordable rates. For more information and FREE quotes on this brilliant form of marketing contact our experienced and friendly teams today.

Radio Advertising Agency

Radio Advertising Agency

Radio adverts are an affordable and great way to reach a diverse audience; our teams can place ads on major commercial stations as well as smaller local ones. For more information contact us today.

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Radio Advertising

Radio advertising is a fantastic and often cost-effective way to promote most brands, services and businesses.

Our experienced marketing teams work with major commercial stations every day and are able to arrange Heart FM, Capital FM and Smooth Radio advertising across the whole country. As well as these large well-known commercial stations we can also arrange adverts on smaller more local stations, which are well known and highly effective in their regions.

Popular stations reach millions of listeners on a daily basis. So if you're looking for radio advertising for your company look no further than us; we'll have your brand broadcasting on the airwaves in no time at all!

If you are interested in this popular form of marketing please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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What is Radio Station Advertising?

Put simply, it is a way to promote your company, product or service over the radio through the medium of short audio adverts (typically 30 seconds long), which are broadcast on commercial stations across the country.

These radio adverts typically run in between songs, chat and news bulletins and are used by a variety of companies due to their ability to reach a huge cross-section of society.

Radio ads are used for a variety of messages; from commercial selling through to public service messaging and information.

Radio costs are reasonable when compared to other forms of marketing, meaning that it subsequently achieves a great return on investment; this is one of its main advantages and why it is used by companies and a range of industry, time after time, week after week.  

If you would like FREE quotes on radio advertising contact us today.

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What is the Cost of Radio Advertising?

We often get asked “how much does it cost to advertise on the radio?” or "what are the going rates for radio ads?". As with any form of marketing it depends on a number of factors - with different stations naturally have different costs due to the size of their audience and listenership.

The factors which broadly determine the cost of radio advertising are outlined below but for more information drop us a message and we will explain in more detail:

  • Reach/Number of Listeners/Listenership – the more people who tune into a station on a daily basis (and therefore the more likely to hear your radio advert) the more expensive it will be to advertise on. Heart advertising costs and Capital radio advertising costs are obviously more expensive than smaller local stations - but you would expect this because they have more listeners (so potentially more customers for you). So the option when choosing a station to advertise on is; do you want to hit lots of people in a wide area or a smaller but more select audience more locally?
  • Number of Slots – the more slots (number of radio adverts) you choose to have, the more expensive it will be. You may choose to do a couple of ads each day or want to go more “heavyweight” and do between 10-15 slots so that you are covering the majority of the day. If you are uncertain of which approach to take our media planners will advise. Think about when in the day your target market will be listening and tailor your slots to their life and listening patterns.
  • Length of Campaign – most adverts are the same length – 30 seconds – and a typical campaign would be over one week or two. Sometimes however you may want to do a shorter period and a weekend promotion or a “winning weekend” are popular in raising awareness. If you have a larger budget, you may look to do a few weeks of radio ads to really get your message and brand out there on the air-waves! For the best results, we tend to suggest the minimum of a week but a two-week campaign is ideal for a good amount of coverage.
  • Time of Slots - depending on what you are promoting, certain times of day may work better. Slots are broadly broken down into breakfast, day, evening (rush hour) and night. The most sought-after tend to be breakfast and evening as they have higher listeners - when parents are on the school-run or people are going to and from work. Again, have a think about when your target audience may be listening, or equally spread them throughout the day to hit a variety and cross-section of people. A spread tends to be the most typical approach by most advertisers but your product will guide to the most suitable timings.
  • Radio Talk Ups and Radio Co-Promotions – as well as doing straight “air-time” you can also do what is called “talk-up” or “co-promotions”, this is where the DJs/presenters talk about a product or service. Ofen this can be a more creative approach. They are given a script and bullet points to mention so that they talk about the right things and are “on message” with the brand. Radio co-promos are often a fun and informal way of getting your key information across in a more relaxed way. Sometimes stations can be picky about what services and products they do co-promotions with. Examples of co-promotions are when DJs/presenters talk about how “great” a film or theatre show is - when they may not have actually seen it! 

Taking in the above factors you can see that planning an effective radio campaign can be quite complicated, however, we will work with you and your specific budget to put together the most suitable package.

Simply drop us a message today and we will send over more specific information and radio advertising costs. 

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Does Radio Advertising Work?

The simple answer is yes!

When you think about it, most people listen to the radio on a daily basis; in their homes, at work and also when driving, therefore radio advertising is a great way to reach a mass amount of people quickly as they go about their daily lives. 

This mass reach is one of the main benefits of radio advertising; it can hit millions of people all at once. Most forms of marketing media (apart from TV advertising) cannot claim to achieve this, whilst radio adverts manage to do this at a fraction of the price of TV advertising.

However, even though radio ads hit a huge number of listeners this isn’t untargeted as stations have different demographics e.g. younger people tend to listen to Capital FM, older listeners tend to tune into Smooth and Heart FM. Our teams will help match your product and message to the most suitable stations.

This targeting is the main reason radio achieves brilliant results time after time and why radio advertising effectiveness is high; radio has high reach but wastage is reduced as these people are targetted. 

The value for money of radio advertising is another reason it is popular with many advertisers and companies. 

Which Companies Typically Advertise on Radio?

As radio listeners represent a great cross-section of society (and there is a huge amount of station to choose from), advertising on radio works for most businesses and is a popular form of marketing employed by a range of companies from diverse industries.

The most popular types of companies who advertise on radio through our teams at PromoMEDIA include: 

If you would like to book a radio campaign contact us today for more information. 

Top UK Radio Stations To Advertise On?

When thinking about which station to go for, put yourself in the mind of your potential customer and think “what station would they listen to”?

Selecting the right station is the key to all successful campaigns, there isn't one station better than the other per se but there will be one which is most suitable for your aims and ambitions. 

The most popular radio campaigns we run at PromoMEDIA are: 

  • Capital FM advertising
  • Heart FM advertising
  • Smooth FM advertising
  • Classic FM advertising
  • Magic FM advertising
  • Absolute FM advertising
  • Local radio advertising

Contact us today for more information and advice about the above stations. We can get your FREE costs and more information on the station of your choice.  

Combination Marketing

Advertising on the radio is a great addition to any marketing campaign. It can work either as a single piece of marketing or part of a wider promotional plan. 

If you are looking to combine marketing on the radio with other options the below typically work well:  

  • Online - as people will hear your radio advert they are then likely to go online to find out more information or to buy your product or book your services. A strong online presence is, therefore, a good idea to supplement your campaign.
  • Social media marketing - similar to the benefits of online support, social media is often a good idea to use to back up your radio ads. Your business should be easy to find once someone has heard about what you are offering.
  • Newspaper ads - as radio is an audio medium sometimes advertisers like to back up their campaigns with visual imagery, often looking at press and newspaper ads 
  • Bus ads - bus ads or other forms of outdoor promotions are a great way to support radio, meaning that people get to see and hear what you have to offer. 
  • TV - the cherry on top of any marketing campaign - the power of TV is superb and can be targeted to regions making it more affordable than people often realise.

PromoMEDIA can also book all these various other marketing options as well, to position you confidently in the eyes and ears of your target market. 

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What Makes the Best Radio Adverts?

Promo Media Radio Advert Tips

With your adverts you must remember that the audience can only listen to your product or service being described by words - they obviously can't see it -  this means you need to create an innovative advert which will catch their attention. Also, you don't have much time - 30 seconds is not a lot of time to describe what you are offering - so you must get to the point and be clear and concise.

Sometimes catchy phrases and slogans work and a good sound bed can attract attention further - but also just being clear and direct is important; don't try and cram too much in.

Some advertisers also use jingles which can be highly effective to "stick in the minds" of potential purchasers, however, you have to strike the balance between being fun and being annoying, it can be a close call!

To summarise we would say; try not to be too clever, as when you think about it, most listeners are doing other things - working, driving etc - so get to the point and don't be too confusing. You just need to grab their attention and encourage them to seek more information at a later time.  

Can You Help Me Make a Radio Advert?

Yes! We have a team of experts who can create these ads for you for at a fantastic price.

Often if you get an ad made directly by a station it costs a premium fee plus it is often easier to get your ad produced independently so that you can work on it and perfect it over a period of time until you are 100% happy with it.  

Get in touch today and we can help you make your advert with our radio ad production team at a brilliant rate. When producing this for you we, of course, take into account best practices as outlined by the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB). We will also help with script-writing, bed creation and finding a suitable voice-over artist to match with your individual needs.  

Our top tip would be to get an “ear-catching” advert so that it stands out; something clear, catchy and to the point works best.  

Radio Station Advertising Company Advice

As a radio advertising, our advice is simply - do it!

Here at PromoMEDIA, we love this form of advertising as we know it works and have seen the results many many times for differing clients.

Like any form of marketing we understand that making that outlay and taking a gamble can be tricky; will you see the results? Will the results be positive?

The truth is you never know until you take that plunge.

We always believe that action creates results, so rather than over-analyse and debate, we would always recommend that (within reason) marketing spend is an investment and worth it. 

You never know until you try!

How to Advertise on Radio - The Next Step

If you think that advertising on the radio is for your company take that next step and contact us today via the enquiry form on this page.

Once you do that one of our friendly media planners will give you a call to run through what you are looking for. Let us know the following information and we will put together a bespoke plan for you. If you would prefer to chat through on the phone simply let us know and we will give you a call: 

  1. The Station - if you know which station you want to go let us know. If you are unsure, tell us what your target market is and we can advise of the most suitable radio stations for you in that area. 
  2. When you are looking to go “on-air” – when you want to start? Typically we will need a couple of weeks to notice in order to ensure we get the best slots and best prices. It's always best to plan ahead with all forms of marketing.
  3. Creating the advert - let us know if you need help making your advert, or if you have one made already let us know. We can offer advice on this or help you put something together, whatever suits you. 
  4. We will send you back a bespoke plan - once we have the above information we will come back with rates and start dates for you to consider. Don't forget, it’s no obligation so you can see whether the radio costs work for you. 

So take that next step and contact us today. 

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So, if you are looking for radio advertising for your product or service, look no further than us.

Simply contact us today for a no-obligation FREE quote. You can either let us know which stations you are interested or we will put together a proposal based on your budgets, aims and ambitions. We can also supply you with more information on the advantages of radio advertising any other advice or information that you may need.

As mentioned, radio advertising is a very cost-effective method of marketing and is suitable for most products, companies and services - either as a stand-alone promotional tool or even as a one-off marketing venture. It is one of the most powerful and cost-effective forms of media we deal - with a brilliant ROI - and something we recommend to complement most marketing campaigns. 

We look forward to hearing from you and working to get your product, brand or service on the air-waves!

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