Construction Sector Marketing in Abbotswood

Construction Sector Marketing in Abbotswood

We can offer a range of bespoke marketing services for the construction industry including billboards, print and online to help promote your brand to the right audience.

Building Sector Advertising in Abbotswood

Building Sector Advertising in Abbotswood

We'll help advertise your company through a number of channels so that potential customers will be aware of your brand if they need the services that you offer.

Housing Market Advertising in Abbotswood

Housing Market Advertising in Abbotswood

You could choose to place your ads in a variety of places including topically relevant magazines to target the right customers and get the most effective campaign.

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Marketing for the Construction Industry in Abbotswood

Building and construction is a hugely competitive industry in Abbotswood and in today’s world of continual industrial growth and re-development, it is important to use marketing to stay ahead of the game and present your company in a positive way.

Brand image, company perception and customer satisfaction are now paramount to the success of any company operating in this competitive market. It’s fair to say that the “face” of the construction industry has changed over the years, becoming more personal and approachable, and construction and building marketing is now a key sector we work with at PromoMEDIA.

Whether you are a large scale developer of commercial or residential property, a building firm specialising in house renovations, loft conversions and home improvements, or a company providing materials for the trade, your advertising needs to portray you in a way which is friendly, professional and modern.

At PromoMEDIA we are able to communicate these messages to attract new customers and improve your company image. We use different and varied marketing techniques to get (and then keep) your business in the public’s eye, creating a positive perception about what you do and raising your profile in both the industry and with potential new customers.

If you are a company in the constructive, building or trade sector and are looking to increase your brand awareness, reputation and ultimately generate more sales, get in touch with us today to see how we can help you.

Marketing Campaigns for the Building Industry

At PromoMEDIA we create marketing campaigns for developers, suppliers and building firms all across the UK. The main focus of these campaigns is often to build a strong brand foundation, reinforce a good reputation or improve a poor one. Ultimately we seek to increase company awareness in communities up and down the country and in turn, this exposure can lead to increased sales and revenue.

We find that a mixture of marketing options work well for the building, housing and construction sector. For home improvements or house builders/sellers strong local campaigns around where the housing or services are offered obviously work best. This is often done very successfully through strong local outdoor campaigns in Abbotswood, regional radio and localised television advertising.

Generally in the house building sector profit margins are high e.g. costs of a house, renovation, building parts are expensive but potentially lucrative, so in order to attract new customers, it is worth investing a good amount in a marketing as the returns can be very favourable. It is therefore no surprise that our building and trade clients often choose to invest in relatively expensive but high-impact marketing which hits millions of potential customers.

Also, as well as creating a strong corporate and brand image many of our clients like to get the message out about their environmentally conscious approach, showing a positive, personal and less commercial side to their organisation and how they seek to support and enrich communities. The balance of the commercial and personal is often key to a successful campaign and creating a positive image.

Trader Supplier Marketing

At PromoMEDIA we work with Trade and Building suppliers to advertise their goods to house-builders, independent labourers and local building companies. Major nationwide suppliers with large budgets obviously choose to market their products all across the UK and for these we look at strong national campaigns looking at major ITV advertising, radio and outdoor campaigns. For smaller more local based suppliers, we look at key outdoor in and around business parks or areas that are undergoing a large amount of regeneration, as well as press ads, leaflet and poster print distribution to really target the localities.

Trader Supplier marketing is important to portray that you are knowledge, affordable and experienced in what you are offering. As with all marketing options, we can talk you through various options depending on your budget so get in contact today and tell us more about what you supply, your target area and we can put together a plan to target your customers.

Housing Market Advertising in Abbotswood

The housing market continues to be a fast-growing and highly competitive niche. We provide a range of unique advertising services for this sector to help your business stand out from the rest. With a combination of online and traditional marketing, we’ll promote your brand to the right target audience. There are so many ways to get your brand seen and our expert media buyers will do this in a way which is cost effective and beneficial for you.

Home Renovations

The home renovations market, including loft conversions and conservatory fitting, continues to be a growing market as people look to utilise home space. With many experienced companies all across the UK marketing and advertising is one way to get your name and brand out there. It helps you stand out from the crowd.

By displaying your brand in public areas through billboards and posters, you’ll be noticed by lots more potential clients. There is also the opportunity to advertise through the press in relevant lifestyle magazines, national newspapers, printed leaflets and even ads on buses or other vehicles in key locations. The possibilities are endless as the market is so vast but our experienced team are here to help through each stage of the process.

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