Billboard Adverts

Billboard Adverts

Our expert billboard advertising teams can secure leading billboards at brilliant rates, contact us today for FREE quotes.

Advertising on Billboards

Advertising on Billboards

As experts in advertising on billboards we can locate key-catching in billboards in key locations to promote your company, service or product.

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Billboard Advertising Experts 

Billboard advertising, or billposting, is a way of promoting a product, service or brand to a large number of people through the use of billboards or banners in key outdoor locations.

Billboard advertising in the UK is the most popular form of outdoor (or Out of Home advertising as it is sometimes known), as it’s impactful and offers good value for money. Billboards are usually seen along busy roads and traffic junctions and are also a popular form of high street advertising. 

At PromoMEDIA we are billboard advertising experts, with our experienced teams offering many options in terms of billboard sizes (ranging from A4 up to 96 sheet posters), illuminated and digital billboard options, plus being able to secure them in key locations all across the country. Costs of advertising on billboards in the UK can vary, quieter locations are generally cheaper, whilst London outdoor advertising costs are more expensive but the return on investment is often worth that extra outlay.  

We believe that the main benefit of billboard and outdoor advertising is that it attracts the interest of potential consumers in prime locations on a daily basis.

If this form of outdoor advertising is of interest to you and you’d like to find out about the cost of advertising on billboards in the UK contact us today. If possible tell us your locations and approximate budget and we will put together a campaign for your consideration. 

Does Billboard Advertising Work?

We get asked this a lot and at PromoMEDIA and we believe, as this popular form of outdoor marketing which has been around for hundreds of years, the simple answer is “yes billboard advertising works” – it has certainly stood the test of time!

We see the positive results week after week for our clients.

As one of the most effective and popular outdoor marketing methods, billboard advertising is used by a huge range of advertisers and businesses, from small local retailers to international brands. As mentioned they are commonly found at roadsides, outside train stations and general areas of high footfall, whilst parallel poster billboards are also very effective and are typically positioned next to main roads and motorways in an attempt to create maximum exposure– good when people are stuck in traffic!


Traditionally billboards are printed but they are also increasingly more digital options for you to consider which can offer even more stand-out for your advert. Digital billboards are also often found in busy modern airport terminals (check out this page if you are specifically interested in airport advertising options -

Here at PromoMEDIA we have a great depth of experience in designing and then selecting the best positioning of billboards all over the UK, so whether you are looking for ones in small towns and villages, busy high street billboards or London outdoor billboards (for national advertising campaigns) look no further than PromoMEDIA for all your UK billboard needs.

TOP TIP FOR BILLBOARD ADVERTISING: Billboards are so popular they do book up in advance. So to secure the best sites plan ahead.   

Billboards With other Media

As stated billboard advertising works very well independently but we find that a lot of our clients use billboards in conjunction with other forms of advertising. For example, a potential customer may see your ad on a street billboard, then hear it on the radio or see in a newspaper – all these methods help to reinforce a positive perception of your company and brand. It helps to create and build brand awareness. 

If you are interested in teaming billboard ads with other forms of marketing (such as TV, radio, newspaper ads etc.) contact us and one of our media planners will draw up a balanced media campaign to incorporate billboards and any other media which appeals to you.

If you would like to explore the different services and media types that we offer at PromoMEDIA simply fill in the quick contact box on this page or explore the other sections of the website, here we discuss in details the benefits radio advertising, TV advertising tips, telephone box advertising costs, transport ads options and much more. 

Cost of Advertising on Billboards UK

There are no standards costs for billboard adverts and the cost of billboard advertising in the UK is dependent on a number of factors. The primary variables which affect costs are:

  • Locations – those with higher footfall are more expensive e.g. a billboard in Central London is more expensive than one in a small town.
  • Size of billboard – the bigger the billboard the more expensive. 
  • Timings – literally when you advertise, some times of year are more popular and are classed as “premium advertising” times e.g. Christmas, Valentines etc. 
  • Length of campaign – how long you want the campaign to run for e.g. 2 weeks, a month, a year. We normally recommend a sustained campaign to build awareness.
  • Type of campaign - whether you are looking for a local or nationwide billboard campaign. There are many benefits to both, which again we can talk through with you.

London Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising in London is hugely popular and there are so many different options to consider - it really can seem quite daunting! There are of course the typical billboard sizes (48 sheet and 96 sheets) but also iconic digital billboard sites (such as Piccadilly Circus), numerous popular shopping centres, as well as London Underground advertising options, escalator panels (known as London Escalator Panels or LEPS), bus sides, bus stop ads and adverts on the back of buses. Literally, where do you start? Don’t worry we can help! 

It’s worth bearing in mind that outdoor advertising in London is not just something used by London based companies but is also popular with companies, products, businesses and services which are available and based all over the UK. With so many people visiting the capital everyday exposure through the use of a London outdoor advertising campaign is unparalleled, so if you have a product which you are looking to launch nationally, London is a brilliant starting point and springboard to success.

If you are interested in getting costs for any kind of out of home advertising campaigns in London at the best rates, contact us today! 

Billboard Designers

At PromoMEDIA we also have a team of advertising billboard designers who can help advise on your artwork to make you stand out from the crowd. These designers are able to create specific and bespoke designs to work in harmony with your brand and business goals. We believe that in order to get the most out of a large format poster site it is important that an innovative design is employed to catch your target audience's attention; there is no point having a top billboard location if you have a poor design. We can also advise on the best billboard fonts and on your current artwork, should you already have your billboard pre-designed.

Here at PromoMEDIA we are experts in billboard design and can create posters and banners which will catch the eye of your target audience, in turn, making them want to purchase or engage with your product or service. Billboards are a great way to get people to notice your business but it’s important to have a designer with expertise in designing them so your brand is presented in a positive and eye-catching way. At PromoMEDIA we have expert in-house designers who can create billboard designs to meet your company's needs and requirements and they will, of course, incorporate your ideas, colour schemes and branded logo.

Our independent designers will be more than happy to talk to you and listen to any ideas you have, as well as suggesting new ideas to help improve. Should you want to speak to one of our billboard advertising experts, please fill in the contact box. On the other hand, if you have a designer in place you can just send us the artwork and we will supply this for your billboard ad.

Billboard Advertising Costs

Clear Channel Roadside Posters Near Me

Another popular message we get sent is – “can you get me the ClearChannel roadside poster near me”, well these posters are typically 48 sheets and the answer is generally yes. At PromoMEDIA we work with suppliers of major UK billboard suppliers across the country and negotiate preferential rates on your behalf. Top billboard suppliers in the UK include ClearChannel, Primesight and Street talk, who have well maintained, brilliant sites and great locations. Win, win, win. The return on investment with these companies is great which is why so many UK businesses use this as part of their overall marketing strategy and campaigns.

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