Shopping Centre Advertising

Shopping Centre Advertising

Our team can offer services for advertising in shopping centres through large posters and billboards which grab shoppers' attention throughout the day.

Shop Marketing Strategy

Shop Marketing Strategy

Thousands of people visit shopping centres every day and this is a great audience to target through posters showcasing your brand.

Retail Centre Adverts

Retail Centre Adverts

You will often see advertising boards around various retail premises which will be seen by a large number of visitors, it's a great marketing option.

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Advertising in Shopping Centres

The British public love little more than a good bargain, and the rise in shopping centres and malls as multi-retailer destinations have transformed the high streets we all know and love so well.

As the public flock to such centres at weekends, on their lunch breaks and during their free time, they’re open to new experiences and ideas whilst they’re making purchasing decisions – making this the perfect time to get your brand name in front of them, preferably with an actionable request to get them to recognise, trust and buy from your business.

Advertising in shopping centres, shopping malls and retail outlets is now a common way to promote products to shoppers.

What is Shopping Centre Advertising?

Shopping Centre Advertising is the concept of using a shopping centre’s indoor, outdoor and surrounding facilities as a marketing channel for a brand. Most of this advertising is managed or ‘placed’ by a third-party company; be that the management company for the shopping centre itself, or an advertising firm. It's a common strategy for retail marketing - as people are already in a buying state of mind with clothes shops and other stores.

PromoMEDIA manages a variety of strategic partnerships with such companies around the UK, allowing them to not just design a winning campaign for you, but also to ensure it's placed in the most premium and relevant of places, and all for unbeatable prices to deliver your maximum ROI (return on investment).

We appreciate that marketing is all too often seen as a ‘nice to have’, when in fact those within the industry know it’s a business essential, so maximising returns and demonstrating proper measurement is crucial for you to demonstrate the requirement for proper marketing and advertising.

Options for Shopping Centre Advertising

The great thing about Shopping Centre Advertising is that there’s a great variety of options, so there’s something to suit businesses of all shapes, sizes and types. Even a small local firm can benefit from such advertising, so it needn’t just be the domain of household names and big brands and can be accessible to all.

Posters - You’ll have no doubt seen posters in numerous places around shopping malls, and these make for an easy and basic advert. They work well for a range of brands and if designed cleverly enough to stand out from existing marketing and competitors, making for a memorable ad that needn’t be identical to everything else you already peddle out.

Car park ads: 48-sheet or 96-sheet - A large number of shoppers choose to drive to and from shopping centres and park within them, for convenience with travel and the purchases they pick up along the way. Large billboards placed strategically within shopping mall car parks can encourage consumers to take action on the way in and out of their trips.

Digital options - LED screens are an easily-updated advertising space that can be placed strategically inside and outside of retailers. These may be at the entrance or exit points (got a store down the road but not inside? Advertise on the way out!), or in food courts or other such themed areas to target specific demographics and consumers.

Lifts and lift panels, Escalator ads - Most shopping centres are split across more than one floor, and consumers are normally bored and waiting for their next shopping fix while travelling between them. This allows them to be open to new messaging and ads can be placed within lifts, across lift panels and doors, and even on the sides or moving steps of escalators to catch the eye and draw attention in.

Billboards outside - Consumer’s advertising experience can begin before they even enter the shopping mall or car park, and brands can place marketing billboards on routes into the mall itself and surrounding areas. Doing this strategically can spark a desired course of action or act as a reminder for those about to arrive at your chosen destination. See more on billboard adverts here - if you are interested in this service.

Toilet and restroom ads, including Mirror marketing - Any shoppers spending a decent amount of time within a shopping mall will, at some point, need to stop and see to the call to nature. No doubt eager to get back to their shopping and normally sitting in need of a distraction, posters on the back of toilet doors and printed ads on mirrors can be extremely effective at influencing their next destination post-loo.

Branded prints and shopping bags, events and experiences - Everyone loves a freebie, and if your brand’s name, logo, product or message can make it onto the side of a shopping bag, you’ll see it pop up all over the place – in the confines of the shopping mall and further afield! Combine with a full promotional giveaway or product launch to venture into the world of experiential marketing and really give the public something to remember.

Phone Boxes - phone boxes in and around the shopping centre areas are an increasingly popular form of advertising, for more information on the various formats and options, read here -

Leaflet stands - Should you have brochures or small promotional leaflets, having them placed (and regularly topped up) in leaflet stands around shopping malls allows customers to pick them up when in a hurry and read them later. This is usually a cheap marketing option and when managed correctly, makes for a good place for you to keep your materials. Our print advertising services - are available for many different types of businesses.

The Benefits of Shopping Centre Advertising

When they’re in shopping malls, consumers are normally looking to make purchasing decisions and are open-minded to new things. This makes these sites the ideal place to present new brands, products and services to them; and when you utilise PromoMEDIA’s skills and strategic business partnerships in the industry, you’ll receive value like no other!

Which companies use Shopping Centre Advertising?

The variety of options that Shopping Centre Advertising offers allows businesses of all types and sizes to use it. Next time you visit your local mall, keep an eye out for ads: you’ll see household names alongside local businesses and service providers, those based within the centre and outside of it, and those who may seem on first glance entirely unrelated to retail altogether!


PromoMEDIA has the experience and expertise to help you include Shopping Centre Advertising within your marketing mix to deliver effective advertising to the benefit of both you and your end consumer!