Truck and Van Advertising

Truck and Van Advertising

We offer truck and lorry advertising services to help get your brand seen by potential customers in various locations around the country.

Lorry Advert Planning

Lorry Advert Planning

Many companies choose to have branding put onto large lorries as a way of advertising themselves to large audiences, we offer services to plan and organise this for you.

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Truck Advertising 

Truck advertising (also known as trailer or lorry advertising) is an often overlooked form of outdoor advertising.

It is simply using commercial Heavy Good Vehicles (HGVs), owned by independent haulage companies across the country, to effectively brand and use them to promote products, goods or services.

It is effectively a mobile billboard which has the capacity to be seen by thousands daily.

Here at PromoMedia we can offer local campaigns along certain routes, as well as national and even international campaigns. For more information on lorry branding contact

Truck Advertising Options

Truck advertising is popular with a wide range of advertisers across various industries. This is due to the wide demographic who have the opportunity to see truck advertising every day; it has mass-market appeal. It is ideal for getting your brand noticed, find out more on this here - if you are interested in transforming your brand.

Our advertisers have found that truck advertising reaches an audience in a space currently unreachable with conventional mediums (apart from radio) and that drivers are highly responsive and aware of the ads, due to the repetitive and boring nature of driving. They are especially ineffective in traffic jams or when stuck behind lorries!

As an advertiser, you can opt for fantastic prices on all formats of truck and lorry advertising including full wraps, sides or rear only campaigns. It should be noted that currently truck and van advertising is one of the most cost-effective advertising platforms across the UK, costing less than £0.75 per thousand people who see it.

Here at PromoMEDIA, we have carefully selected media buyers in our outdoor marketing teams who specialise in lorry advertising. Enabling you to relax safe in the knowledge that our teams are crafting your campaign to maximise the results and effectiveness. All PromoMEDIA truck advertising campaigns are GPS tracked for accountability, giving you instant access to live GPS data and a monthly GPS report detailing where your campaign has been. Full design is included as standard to ensure you benefit from our expertise.

What are the best Truck and Lorry Advertising Options?

The various formats of truck advertising offered are outlined below but for more information get in touch:

Full Wraps - we believe nothing beats a fully wrapped truck at getting your company or brand noticed across the UK or regionally, as over 55,000 highly receptive people can see them on a daily basis. They encompass using both sides of the truck and the rear doors. They are essentially an eye-catching moving billboard on roads and motorways.

Truck Sides - our advertisers love the huge branding potential of truck sides, its impressive size is equivalent to a 96 sheet billboard in many cases. 3D graphics can make your artwork pop out of the truck and attract attention to your brand.

Truck Rears - it’s hard to beat the dwell time offered by a truck rear advertising campaign, 48 seconds on average. Imagine a busy trunk road, following a truck with your advert on, that’s the power of truck advertising the inability of the audience to look away as they have to look ahead to drive!

Truck ads - Did you know?

  • 91% of vehicle occupants actively notice truck adverts at the time of exposure. Over 35% of these then study these messages at a later date online.
  • 97% of vehicle occupants can recall specific campaign weeks after seeing it.

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