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TV advertising is a superb way to promote any company, brand or product and with so many channels to choose from it's now more of a reality than ever before for most businesses.

Whilst it's accurate to say that television advertising is expensive - when compared to other standard advertising options - it is often more affordable than people first imagine, and most importantly the results and profits it can generate are outstanding.

If advertising on television is something you are considering for your company, simply drop us a message today and we can give you more information and talk you through the various options suitable for your company. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Most TV campaigns have a recommended minimum spend of £5000 to have a successful impact. 

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What is TV Advertising?

Television advertising is basically promoting a product or service using short visual clips on TV. It occurs across all stations (apart from BBC channels) and is a brilliant way of reaching millions of people watching TV and getting their attention for a short amount of time.

To advertise on TV remains a dream for most companies, with many discarding it from their initial marketing campaigns due to its perceived high costs, although that is not always the case.  A TV ad most commonly runs for 20 or 30 seconds, but there are shorter 10-second versions available and even longer ones should this be of interest to you.

When you think about it, most people watch television at some point every day; whether they enjoy soaps, the news, sports, quiz shows or general daytime programmes – there is something to appeal to everyone. That is why it is such a popular form of marketing and why this medium is used to promote so many different products and services; from luxury brands to food and clothing retailers, holidays and much more. Almost any product or service can benefit from the power of TV advertising with its unique ability to hit millions of viewers in one go. 

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TV Advertising Cost

We often get asked, “how much does it cost to advertise on TV?”. It will be no surprise that there is no fixed price when it comes to a TV campaign. This is because costs are determined by a number of different factors.

Technically TV spots are given what is called a TVR (Television Viewer Rating). A TVR is essentially a rating based on how likely and how many millions of viewers are going to see your TV advert at the time of day it broadcasts. The higher the TVR the more people are watching - programmes such as The X Factor, The News, Coronation Street have high TVR figures. And put simply, the higher the TVR, the higher the costs. 

Factors that determine the cost of TV adverts (and their TVRs) are outlined below:

  • The length of the ad – the longer the television advert, the more expensive it is. Typically they are 10, 20 or 30 seconds. Very occasionally there are longer ones – like the infamous John Lewis ones at Christmas. Unless your brand is very well known (and you have a big budget) it’s best to go for 20 or 30 seconds so you have enough time to get your message across to the viewers. 

  • The channel you are going on - you can choose between ITV, Channel 4, Sky Adsmart and ITV Player. Each of the different channels has different viewing figures and different types of audiences. With ITV you can break your campaign to target specific regions (outlined in the section below), whilst with Channel 4 you have to do a national package (as they can’t break their campaign options down into smaller regional areas).

  • The region – some areas of the country are more densely populated and the more people in a region (and therefore likely to see it) means your television advert will cost more. Areas like London and The North West (Granada) are expensive. However, you will reach more viewers and subsequently the results can be amazing for your company. You have to balance budget vs potential reach and possible profits.

  • The programmes you are targeting - you may want to target viewers of particular programmes by requesting certain spots - this can be done on ITV where you can select or “spot buy” e.g. You can pay for a guaranteed television ad slot in Coronation Street or This Morning. With Sky Adsmart you can also target certain “types” of people or demographics e.g. those that watch lots of sport or those that watch music programmes.

  • Time of day – you may want to target people in the morning, afternoon or evening with your tv ad. This depends on your product or brand. When you think about it you see lots of television adverts for children's toys in the morning but not late at night. Again, you should consider your target audiences viewing habits when booking TV ads, putting yourself in their shoes; think about what they are watching and a particular time of day. 

  • Time of year – some times of year are more expensive than others. Christmas time is obviously more expensive and other key dates such as Valentines, Easter etc. are also very busy with advertisers keen to get their brand seen in the marketplace. 

Contact us today for free quotes and more information on television advertising.

TV Advertisement Regions

Marketing on the independent ITV station is the most popular form of television advertising in the UK.

The country is broken into various ITV regions, each covered by different aerials, this means that your telly advert and tv ad can be broadcast in specific regions. This is why advertising on TV can work for mid-size companies and SMEs - who may just want to target a specific region to keep the cost down. The television regions of the UK are broken down as below:

  • Granada

  • STV

  • Central 

  • Anglia 

  • Borders

  • London 

  • Meridian 

  • Tynes Tees 

  • West Country 

  • Yorkshire

There are also options on Channel 4, Sky Adsmart and ITV Player online to consider, drop us a  message for more information on these. 

Should I Advertise on TV?

You should consider using television advertising if you are looking for a significant uplift in your brand awareness and sales. Advertising on television has proven results. 

Put simply, TV advertising is a hugely effective medium and media form for promoting a range of products, brands and services, as it can hit a captive audience of millions of viewers quickly and effectively. As there are also so many TV channels to choose from our TV experts will advise on which we will work for you based on what you are selling or promoting. It's also worth pointing out that buying TV ads is also much simpler than many TV advertising companies make out - it's, therefore, more of a possibility and less of a hassle than you probably imagine. 

With PromoMEDIA by your side, we will put you in contact with the top buyer suitable for your enquiry, who can guide you through every intricacy and stage of the process, working to get the most from your budget and to achieve the results that you want. So, if you are seeking outstanding rates and to get your company and product in front of millions of potential customers look no further than us. 

Did You Know...? TV Advertisements are x 2.5 Times More Effective Than Other Media!

Therefore, if you need to extend your brand awareness, reach newer broader markets or create a brand-new image, nothing will do it better than UK TV advertising.

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TV Ad Agency

At PromoMEDIA we aim to be the best TV ad agency in the UK, delivering highly competitive pricing and the best TV spots for our diverse clients. When we get your enquiry we will pass this to the best and most suitable buyer for you. They will then call you to go through the options. Our teams can deliver:

  • National Television advertising campaigns

  • Regional Television advertising campaigns

  • Sky TV Advertising

When you are considering advertising on the television our media planners and media buyers will take the time to get to know your company, products and services to make sure that this is the most effective form of marketing media for your company. They will then put together a proposal, taking into account a good mix of relevant channels to fit your type of audience - matching your budget to your audiences’ television preferences - thus generating excellent results from your campaign. 

Targeting Your Audience with TV Ads

The most successful campaigns are those which are targeted and timed effectively; some TV campaigns work best targeting daytime shows and the people who watch them – programmes like This Morning and Lorraine are great at targeting housewives, retired or those who are around in the daytime.

Peak-time evening shows such as Coronation Street, X-Factor, The ITV News or Emmerdale are watched by a mixture of millions of people, so these are of course brilliant at reaching a captive mass market quickly and telling them about you and what you offer. As when carrying out any marketing we suggest you put yourself in the mindset of your target market to achieve the best results; think about what are they doing, what do they like, what are they watching etc. That is the key to success - understanding who your target market is. 

The Power of TV Advertising

One of the reasons TV ads are so popular is because the audience can see and hear information about the products at the same time. In other media, it is often one or the other e.g. you hear a radio ad or see an advert in a newspaper. With TV marketing, you get a double hit of the senses, as well as reaching far more - literally millions - of people! The fact you can also highly target viewers - based on their viewing preferences and the channels that they watch - means that although reach is high, wastage is limited. 

Sky Adsmart Advertising?

Sky Adsmart advertising is a brilliant way to target specific audiences with cheap telly advertising on Sky - it is a form of television advertising. Target markets are determined through the programmes that the consumers watch on Sky – so you could target viewers of Sky Sports, Sky News, and Sky 1 etc. This gives you a real and accurate idea of who is seeing your adverts - making sure that you are targeted and have little wastage.

To find out more information on Sky advertising watch the video below.

Can You Help With TV Advertising Production?

Yes! Experienced in the art of TV advert production, as well as media planning and purchase, PromoMEDIA is skilled experts when it comes to producing TV adverts across a wide range of sectors. The quality of a TV advert is very important, there is no point in having brilliant TV spots if you are let down by the actual television advert itself. If you need help with developing a concept script, casting, shooting and post-production we can help, you can read more here

TV adverts also need to be approved by Clearcast (who are the regulatory board for TV ads) and we will take care of this on your behalf. We aim to remove the stress of TV advertising by making it a simple process for you - looking after the booking, creation and clearing of your advert. 

Check out our Chitty Chitty Bang Band TV advert which recently ran on ITV. Starring Jason Manford, Claire Sweeney, Phill Jupitus and Carrie Hope Fletcher; the client was delighted with the results. We secured some great slots including Coronation Street, Emmerdale and This Morning.

How Do I Book a TV Advert for My Company?

If you are interested or want to book a TV campaign with us, check out the points below and contact us today; we can also chat through these points if you are unsure or would like more information:

  • Identifying the specific target market for your product or service – think about what channels and programmes they are watching, also consider what times of day they are likely to be viewing. 

  • Which part of the country you want to target – are you looking for a local or national campaign? As mentioned above the UK is broken into different TV regions and you can select which work for you.

  • Budget - if you have some idea of your total cost and budget, let us know. Otherwise, we can propose for you.

  • TV spots buying - we can purchase specific spots for your campaign if you know which programmes you want to have adverts in. 

Should you require more information on TV adverts or require a no-obligation FREE quote, please fill in our contact form on this page. Once we receive your enquiry we will get back to you as soon as possible with advice and details on TV advertising for your business. 

PromoMEDIA Favourite TV Advert of the Week

Our favourite ad of the week this week is this incredibly moving Adidas commercial created by 26-year-old student filmmaker, Eugen Merher - everyone - watch it here.

Combination Marketing

You should never underestimate the power of television advertising as part of an overall marketing campaign and media miz - or as an individual promotional tool, however, often clients often buy TV adverts and video-on-demand options as the “cherry on top” of their broader marketing campaigns and successfully couple this form of marketing with this popular options: 

If you would like more information on these forms of marketing simply drop us a message or follow us on social media. For more information on our full range of products go to our homepage. You can also read more here about the history of TV advertising

Frequently Asked Questions About Television Advertising

  1. What are the advantages of TV advertising? You can simply hit a huge cross-section of society with a powerful and timely advert, creating both massive exposure and a superb return on investment. 

  2. How effective is TV advertising? Very, which is why you see this advertising method employed by the largest and most successful brands across the globe, basically; it works. 

  3. How much does it cost for television advertising? As we explore in detail in our guide, there are various variables which can affect the cost, including region, time of year, length of the advert and which channel you opt for. 

  4. What is the role of television as an advertising medium? It is a powerful medium in itself and sends out a powerful signal to a specific target audience, as well as competitors, that you are a successful and appealing service, product or company. 

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Get in touch with us today and see the benefits of TV advertising for your product or service. As outlined there are lots of benefits to this popular form of marketing, which is why it's used by a huge variety of different companies, plus with options to suit most budgets, it is therefore often more affordable than many realise.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and getting your product on the silver screen and in front of millions!

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