Luxury Brand Advertising in Abinger Common

Luxury Brand Advertising in Abinger Common

We are able to set up advertising campaigns for luxury brands using a range of platforms including print and online marketing techniques.

Luxury Company Marketing in Abinger Common

Luxury Company Marketing in Abinger Common

Simply get in touch with our team to discuss what we can do to help promote your luxury brand to a wider audience through a range of techniques.

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Luxury Brand Advertising in Abinger Common

Creating, managing and marketing a luxury brand, product or service must be done in an altogether different manner to budget, FMCG or medium-range businesses. Competition is high, and difficult, with reputation and word-of-mouth taking centre stage in a way that doesn’t happen for lower value brands.

Advertising, marketing and talking to both potential and existing customers must therefore be managed in a specialised, targeted way with luxury brand advertising in Abinger Common RH5 6 and adverts reflecting the quality and aspiration of the product.

At PromoMEDIA we work with luxury brands and high-end retailers, putting together bespoke campaigns using a variety of different media channels. Contact our experienced teams to talk about how we can help create and maintain positive perceptions about your luxury products across the UK market. 

An Introduction to Advertising a Luxury Brand

Luxury brands target a very specific audience and must speak to the audience in a way that is respectful and never patronising. Indeed, high-net-worth audiences often do not like being advertised to; for example, how often do you see Ferrari marketed in mass media?

High-end brands must rely on a solid and respectable reputation alongside a differentiated and strong brand look, feel, and message. In so many cases, luxury brands should nurture beliefs rather than just values and must always have exemplary and consistent branding.

To achieve all of this is no mean feat and specialist attention is needed. PromoMEDIA can help you build and manage a luxury brand from scratch or from an existing market position to ensure the success of your company and product. With luxury brand marketing in Abinger Common you need to be instantly recognisable, desirable and aspirational, but trusted: and we can implement this unique mix.

Communications that speak effectively to a Luxury Brand’s Audience

To negate the fact that a high-end audience don’t need brand messages dictated and ‘fed’ to them in the traditional sense of marketing, your communications should instead invoke a sense of quality and lifestyle. This is completely different from the standard “this is our new product, look how great it is” marketing messages you see daily from more everyday brands.

For example, Chanel will never promote an individual new coat but think about them and you’ll instead conjure up images of pearls, No5 perfume and quilted bags. This invocation is luxurious and sleek and synonymous with high quality, expense and opulence. It’s aspirational already, and yet the brand hasn’t given you any direct information on any product or service!

Channels that Reach a Luxury Brand’s Audience

Speaking to a high-net-worth audience should be experiential and never just ‘another ad’.

Traditional channels and the conventional marketing mix should be carefully considered and present a brand picture that’s aspirational and expensive is important: it’s unlikely a snap decision purchase will be made and so your company needs to be seen in prime locations to reinforce quality and build recognisability and longstanding appeal. Premium billboard sites are often favoured, along with London Underground Advertising ( and advertising in airports - which have international travellers and many high-end, luxury outlets (

The point of purchase must be made extra special and experiential, acting as a ‘temple’ for discerning consumers and the relationship elevated to much more than just a standard transaction. Examples of this include Nespresso, who have tasting bars within their stores and Prada, whose shops are considered ‘epicentres’ for experimental shopping.

Events (and particularly exclusive events) can be held for both potential and existing customers to reinforce to them the brand’s message without being considered a direct sell. These should be focused on an indulgence or extravagance and should deliver an experience that is seamless, flawless and memorable: creating a positive image in the mind of the consumer so that when they do come to make a buying decision, they think of you.

For a more clear-cut sales event without the pressure, exclusive ‘flash sales’ or ‘special sales events’ can extend an invitation to purchase without coming across too sales-y. These messages must be extremely carefully managed, however, and the Media Planning teams at PromoMEDIA will be able to help advise you and manage this process.

There are numerous publications aimed at high-net-worth individuals, but for the most part, these are extremely segmented and vigorously targeted; so, care must be taken when selecting them! Adverts in luxury print publications should be image-based: consider the 10-15 pages of adverts at the front of Vogue magazine. None contain specific product or service information, but all a fancy image, sleek logo and subtle messaging. Such ads should be carefully crafted both graphic and messaging-wise ( PromoMEDIA are able to not just advise, but design and place these for you for to maximum success.

True luxury need not be directly communicated but instead experienced. Consumers in Abinger Common like to feel both wanted and included, and nurturing this relationship can be beneficial not just to sales and sales value, but also a customer’s lifetime value. A great example of this is Rolls Royce, who don’t advertise their quality but instead invite selected customers into their manufacturing plant and let them see for themselves the care and effort taken.

Competing in an Ever-Growing Luxury Market

Several market sectors within the luxury market are becoming crowded, and only the strongest survive. Differentiation is key; after all, there’s only so many cashmere sweaters one can own, but there are hundreds of luxury clothing brands on the market, and they’re all being bought from!

Realistically, very few people hit high-net-worth levels during their lifetime, and for many, it’s a temporary situation. Therefore, despite luxury brands launching every day, the market for them to sell into isn’t growing at the same rate. There are many external factors contributing to this and the current economic uncertainty isn’t helping things. Of course, there will always be a small percentage of individuals for whom wealth is a certainty and they will always spend, but this is a limited market and not one to be depended upon unless you are already extremely well established with an existing loyal customer base.

To best establish your distinct brand voice, imagery and messaging, it’s imperative to enlist experts who know the space and the customers within it. PromoMEDIA have worked with various high-end brands to create, implement and manage marketing campaigns: and their winning formula can work for you too.

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