Print Media Services in London Colney

Print Media Services in London Colney

We are specialists offering print media advertising services through leaflets and posters to promote companies and events to many people.

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Printers in London Colney

Print is the general term given to printed materials used to promote businesses, services or events.

Print is very diverse and can include anything from leaflets, posters, keyrings, pens, pull up banners, folders, personalised envelopes and more fun stuff – basically anywhere your logo, service or artwork can be displayed.

Our print teams provide print media services in London Colney and across the UK to promote their brands in this established and proven way. 

Here at PromoMEDIA we work with a variety of different printers from across the UK, to get you the best prices and quality for all of your print media and marketing needs. Our team of printers can create leaflets and posters at any sizes you require from standard sizes to anything specific and bespoke.

If you are interested in getting costs and information on our printing services fill in the enquiry form on this page and we will get in touch.

What is Print Media?

As mentioned the term print covers a whole range of different formats.

Leaflets and posters are still a hugely popular form of print marketing and are a relatively cheap way to get your message out there. Most shops, pubs, bars, cinemas, clubs, stations, libraries etc all stock leaflets for people to take. Whilst posters are still displayed in London Colney on notice-boards, shop windows and other high-footfall areas. As well as the printing we also work with print distribution companies across the country so can arrange this for you as well.

Leaflets and posters are very popular but lots of nearby companies also like to do fun print media campaigns with original and quirky ideas which allow them to stand out from the crowd.

Types of Printed Media

The main forms of print marketing are listed below but our printers can basically help you with any branding and printing. Just ask us.

Leaflets – leaflets are the most popular form of print. They are great because they allow you to put as much information on them as you like. They come in many different shapes and sizes and can be printed on one-side, two sides, four sides, fold-out versions etc. The most typical sizes you see are known as DL and A5 but can you also do other sizes. You can also die-cut them (cut into certain shapes – round, square, triangle etc.) to make yourself stand out further. You can print from as little as 1 leaflet up to millions and costs vary. Factors affecting costs include the type of paper you choose to print on and the quantity. Thinner paper (paper thickness is known as GSM) is cheaper than printing on thicker paper or card. The decision on this is up to and “the look” you are going for. You can also choose gloss, matt or even laminate finishes to make your leaflet shiny and standout from the others. When getting quotes typically a lot of printers will state “we can get you the cheapest leaflets”  or “we print the cheapest leaflets in the UK” but you have to make sure you are comparing “like for like” in size of leaflet, how many are being printed and the leaflet size - otherwise you will be comparing apples and pears! There may be times when you just want lots of leaflets printing cheaply, on other occasions you may want something to look and feel more classy. So although we all like a bargain, cheapness is not always the best option as it may not be the look you are going for. Here at PromoMEDIA our various printers can advise you on paper quality and quantities, so you get the appropriate amount of leaflets in London Colney at the quality you demand. 

Posters – similar to leaflets there are lots of different options in terms of poster sizes. The most common are A3, A4, 4 sheet and 6 sheets. Other options include A0, A1, A2, B2.  Sometimes you may also have designed something which doesn’t fit these specifications, don’t worry we can have a look and get that printed too!

Banners – outdoor banners on the side of buildings, schools gates, roadsides (normally manually attached) are popular as well in your surrounding areas. They are great at promoting local events and businesses and are normally hard wearing as they are made of strong PVC. There are no standard sizes for these, they are typically about 2 metres wide by 10 metres long, but can be longer or shorter. Hardwearing and tough they are good value for money. 

Pull up banners – these are very popular as they are cheap and portable, so you can move them around to various locations. Excellent for promoting at stalls, receptions, schools etc closest to you.

Bespoke banners/standees - we all remember the poke your head through the empty face at the pier? Well, interactive standees are a clever way to get your clients to engage with what you are promoting. People often take photos of such standees and post on social media, making these stands really come to life!

Stickers/badges - always great to give out at events. Stickers and badges can be various sizes, shapes and colours. Again if you can think of a clever way to incorporate them into what you are doing, you can literally have people walking around promoting you. 

Stationary – branding stationary has been popular for years and is particularly so for companies and business near me - often great to give out at the end of meetings. Examples of stationary print media include pens, pencils, rubbers, mousemats and pads. They often have good "pick up" as they are practical and useful.

As you can see the list is almost endless. Other popular ideas include branded cups, key-rings, folders and envelopes.

What are the Costs of Printing?

As mentioned above the cost of printing depends on different factors. These are:

  • Quantity - the number you want printing
  • Quality – the “finish” you go for and the thickness (GSM) you print on. The thicker and nicer the paper the more expensive
  • Turn-around time – how quickly you want it printing; overnight, a few days, a week etc. The sooner you want it the more expensive.

Does Print Marketing Work?

Print is one of the oldest forms of marketing and is still very popular today. It has stood the test of time! Print media is used by almost every industry.

Leaflets are particularly effective as customers can pick them up and read them at a convenient time. Often print marketing is the starting point of any advertising campaign in London Colney because you can print many cheaply and get them into bars, restaurants and other places of interest. As well as standard leaflets and posters the more fun side of print marketing can also give a bit of personality about your company and make you stand out.

Leaflet & Flyer Printing

Poster Printing

Business Card Printing

Design and Print 

PromoMedia Top Tip for Print Marketing

With print – particularly leaflets it’s always best to order a bit more than you think. Run-on costs are cheap, meaning the more you choose the greater value for money.

Think of the paper - balance price and quality of finish. Very cheap printers often produce very cheap results.

When comparing prices check if delivery is involved, some printers do and some don’t! 

How Can I Order Print?

Simply fill in the contact form on this page. If you can tell us what you are looking for, how many of the item you need, when you need them for and where you are that is great. We will match your request with a suitable UK printer. Otherwise just fill in the form and we will give you a call. We can discuss all of the options available for print media in London Colney to help you get what you need. As with everything we do, all our quotes are free, so get in touch today for our great printing prices.