Media Buying Services

Media Buying Services

If you are looking for the best media buyers in the UK; our experienced and friendly teams work across a range of industries using a variety of advertising platforms to promote companies, products and services at The Right Time, Right Place and Right Price.

Expert Media Buying

Expert Media Buying

As media buying experts we are able to find the best places to advertise your product or service. Our buyers will negotiate the best prices, placement and positions to ensure you get the results you desire.

Independent Media Buying

Independent Media Buying

As independent media buyers we purchase advertisements at great rates from a number of different suppliers based on your needs, budgets and target markets. We work hard to get the best prices and placements; to get you the best results. It's what we do all day, everyday.

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Media Buying Agency

As a specialist media buying agency, PromoMEDIA offer a wide range of advertising options for businesses who are looking to attract more customers, increase awareness or to keep their brand in the public eye. Our media buyers work with lots of different companies with individual needs, so whether you are launching a new product, promoting a live show or festival, or simply looking to increase sales of your goods or services, we are here to help.

At PromoMEDIA we offer total media advertising solutions to suit your individual needs and budgets.  

As a leading planning and media buying agency, PromoMEDIA work with a diverse range of business sectors; from education to sports, public services to healthcare, charities to luxury brands and the financial sector through to major UK retailers. Depending on your budget and the type of campaign our planners think you’ll need, our experienced media buying teams will purchase these for you, capturing your target audience's attention in the most engaging and cost-effective ways.

We believe PromoMEDIA are unlike other media buying agencies due to our friendly and personal approach, which is evidenced by our diverse range of cilents, from small local start-ups to large national brands and chains; our focus is to help businesses grow, going on this journey with you. 

So, if you are looking for a media buying agency with a difference, look no further than us. Simply drop us a message today via the contact us box and one of our experienced and friendly media buyers will be in contact to chat through your individual needs. If you know exactly which form of advertisements you'd like, we can get costs for you quickly, however, if you are unsure we can chat through or refer you to an in-house media planner who can offer some free advice.

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to make your media buying process as simple and as cost-effective as possible. 

Advertising Options Available

As a full service media buying agency, PromoMEDIA offer a full range of total media options as high-lighted below - we call this our "total media menu".

In selecting from this, depending on what you need, we believe you can achieve your advertising aims and ambitions.

In order to create the perfect marketing campaign for you and your company, our media buyers will work closely with you to identify your needs, targets and goals. Communication is key to marketing success and being clear from the start helps us to achieve the best possible results. 

Below is some information about all the various types of marketing options for you to consider, these are just an overview and if you would like more information about a particlar form of advert, simply take a look around our website by following the links below - these will take you to our pages where more in-depth knowledge and explanations are provided. Alternatively just drop us a message and we'll give you a call or send an email with more information. 

Total Media Menu

  • Newspaper Advertising – this is also known as print media. We can place adverts for your company in any regional and local newspaper. Print advertising continues to be a hugely effective form of marketing across the UK and is very cost-effective. As well as local titles we also cover all the main national titles such as The Daily Mail, The Daily MirrorThe Telegraph, The Daily Express etc. At PromoMEDIA we can get you both great rates and importantly different size print ads in brilliant positions. If you are interested in our print buying options and for more information about the benefits of print ads in general, read more here -
  • Magazine Ads – again this falls under the category of print. At PromoMEDIA we can place adverts in any of the major national magazines, everything from Hello and Heat magazine to Primary Times! and The Radio Times. With weekly, monthly, glossy and bi-monthly editions of various magazine to consider you can be sure to find a magazine which is purchased and read by your audience. Drop us a message and we will come back with rates for your choosen magazine ads. 
  • Radio Advertising UK – there are lots of radio options to consider - as there are obviously lots of stations! Radio advertising continues to be highly-effective and sought-after marketing tool and is popular with a whole range of businesses. With national stations such as Classic FMSmooth FM and Heart FM, all offering great radio advert packages, being on the radio is an affordable option for most. There are also lots of smaller more local stations to consider too, which are often much cheaper but still also very effective - particularly for smaller businesses targetting local consumers. If you want to get your advert or product on the air-waves contact our media buying teams today. We can also create great radio adverts at brilliant price (! For more information on the power of radio advertising and for more information read here -
  • Television Advertising – yes we love telly advertising and at PromoMEDIA and we cover all the television advertising options across the UK. So whether you are looking for ITV, Channel 4 or Sky Adsmart TV advertising - look no further than our skilled TV advertising bookers. TV adverts are the most expensive form of marketng in the UK but this is because the results are also the best. At PromoMEDIA, our skilled creative teams and can also help you create and produce your TV ads, as well as getting them cleared for transmission through Clearcast. If you are interested in finding out more about TV advertising drop us a line and and a helpful TV buyer team member will be in touch. Again for more information about telly ads, read more here -
  • Large digital billboard advertising and standard billboards – digital and traditional paper billboards are still very popular across a range of industries all over the UK. The typically large bilboards found at roadside are normally 48 sheets and there are even larger options known as 96 sheets. These billboard adverts are typically found in prime-sites and locations such as shopping centres, high-streets and even at the side of motorways. At PromoMEDIA, our outdoor speacialists can secure you particular key billboards (if you know which ones you would like), you can also purchase a package or selection to target a specific area - or even get a spread across various towns and cities across the country. For more information on billboard ads and the benefits it can offer your business read our billboards advertisement page here -
  • Platform Adverts and Posters at Train Stations and Bus stations  – train and bus station advertising is a popular form of marketing and one which our media planners work with everyday. There are a variety of marketing options in these locations (as they are all different shapes and sizes) - these marketing options range from 4 sheet, 6 sheet and 12 sheet ad campaigns, to bigger posters such as 48 sheet adverts, 96 sheets, digital billboards, adshells and more. When you think about it, people spend a lot of time waiting for trains and buses, so having your information and messaging in front of them when they are waiting is often a good time to get their interest! For more more specific information about train station and platform adverts take a read of this page, or simply drop our team a message via the box on this page -
  • Bus Adverts – you’ve all seen them and no matter where you are in the country there's always buses and bus stops! It's therefore not surprising that there are so many bus ad options to consider, from bus seat adverts, bus stop advertisements, bus ticket ads, large posters on the side of buses, T-side adverts and bus rear ads. You can even brand a whole bus! If you want to get the wheels in motion today read more here or get in contact today for a free bus advertising quote -
  • Escalator Panel and Underground Ads (Tube Advertising) – one of the most popular forms of advertising with our cilents. This form of marketing is particularly successful and effective in the capital where the tube network carries millions of people everyday. There are both digital and paper options - which are great at targeting commuters as well as tourists from across the country and indeed the world - underground ads are ever-evolving and exciting; the main ones are LEPs, platform posters, adgate adverts and many more. Our media buyers can secure any form of escaltor or underground ads you desire, so either drop us a line or for more in-depth information read more here -
  • Phone Box Adverts – the trusty old phone box has re-invented itself in recent years - no longer somewhere to just make a simple phone-call, they are now places where you can recharge your mobile phone, use WiFi and of course; advertise! Phone box ads options have developed too and you can brand the inside of a phone box, advertise on internal screens or infact brand a whole phone box should you wish to. A staple in most areas of the country and in a variety of locations, from street-corner to high-streets, they are an increasingly popular and original form of marketing. Seen by hundreds and indeed thousands a day in some locations, have you considered phone box promotions for your company? Read more here or drop us a message for more information -
  • Leaflet and Poster Design – we have various designers at PromoMEDIA who can help develop logos, concepts, posters, leaflets etc. Design is key to promotional success. Once again different budgets are catered for so we will match you to the best designer based on what you are looking for. Many people consider leaflets and posters an old fashioned approach to promotions but the truth is they remain hugely successful and cost-effective, they are a brilliant way to promote to people in cafes, bars, libraries and in tourist information centres; and they are often the starting point of most marketing campaigns. We also work closely and can recommend print management companies to handle distrubition should you require this. For more information on logo design and creating eye-catching artwork design in general, read more here -
  • Printing – at PromoMEDIA we handle the printing of all types of promotional materials, from leaflets, posters and stickers to anything else you like! From small print runs through to larger ones we can sort all your printing needs, so whether you are printing DL leaflets, A5, A3, A5, A6, 4 sheet, 6 sheet or more and whatever printing stock or GSM (the weight and quality of paper you require) - get in contact. For more information on our print services read here-
  • Shopping Centre Advertising – promoting and marketing inside shopping centres and in their car-parks is increasingly popular, especially with brands that are sold within the shopping complex. This is often why you see luxury brand - - and retail advertisements in shopping centres. Shopping centre ad options are varied but typically include billboards, lift adverts, escalator ads, 4 sheets and 6 sheets adverts. Shopping centre advertising is a highly successful from of marketing as it targets people in the mood to spend and in a relaxed frame of mind! For more information on advertising in shopping centre and other forms of Out of Home options available through PromoMEDIA read here -
  • Print Distribution – targeted distribution of leaflets and posters is important, this makes sures that your print literature is seen by the right people. Print distribution often involves getting printed materials into areas of high-footfall such as local bars, cafes, clubs, gyms, cinemas etc. Basically anywhere where your audience/target market may be out and about. Expert print management companies break down this distribution into "print runs" so you can effectively target the right people. 
  • Cinema Ads – options for advertising in cinemas are much more than simply ads on the cinema screens! Nowadays cinemas are often large complexes visited by a huge cross-section of society. Typical cinema marketing options include posters in corridors and toilets, lift ads, posters outside the entrances and around the building, 48 sheets in the car-parks, as well as food hall and restaurant advertising options, that is not to forgot advertising on cinema screens of course! You can of course target certain film releases and weeks of the year eg. an audience for Star Wars is very different from a Rom-Com, so you can again be targetted and creative with what you want to achieve. 
  • Online Ads – online ad options are many and ever-growing! From buttons and banners on various websites, to SEO options and eshots. PromoMEDIA are a vastly experienced digital agency. For more information read more here - or visit PromoSEO for specific information about SEO services -
  • Social Media Advertising – as you can imagine the options are every-growing for social media advertising too, with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and many more joining the mix every week. As an experienced and specialist online planning and buying company - with our fingers on the digital pulse - we can help with promoting across any of these social platforms to keep your business current and in the public eye. Social media marketing is often highly effective as it can be incredibly targetted and done on small budgets. For more information have a read of this section -
  • Airport Advertising - airports are a place where we are often forced to spend a definite amount of time. Most passengers have to arrive a few hours before a flight and as airports are often a dull place to wait, with lots of white walls, they are perfect for brands to advertise. In recent years the airport advertising options have grown and grown. From branding walk-ways and shopping areas, to whole tunnels and even aeroplane branding. For more information check out our airport ads section here -
  • Vehicle Ads - this includes truck, lorry and taxi ad options (sometimes bus adverts also falls into this category). Vehicle adverts are often very cost-effective and you can brand individual vans or lorries or even whole fleets. You can also consider the journeys that these vehicles may be taking as well if you are looking to potential customers in certain areas. To read more about vehicle advertising read here -
  • And lots more - if you are looking for something not mentioned above just drop us a line, the above is an overview and the most popular ad forms we sell but we can help with anything else you like. 

PromoMEDIA - Total Media Solutions For You

As you can see from the list above there are lots of potential promotional options for you to consider from our media buying agency teams, the list above represents our total options or "total media menu" as we like to call it!

It's totally up to you which options you choose from the above as different types of adverts work more successfully in certain industries and locations, however, our media planners can guide you on this if you would like more help. 

Basically, whatever your budget is, our media buyer agency can make something work and create a perfect marketing strategy to get the results you want. For all the advertising options listed we believe we offer the best prices and placement in the industry.

Contact us today via the enquiry form on this page to find out more about the costs to advertise in your area. We'll gladly talk you through everything we have to offer and come up with a perfect marketing campaign for your company.

Don’t be shy, get in touch and take that next step.

What is a Media Buyer and What is Media Buying?

A media buyer or media buying agency is a person/organisation who negotiates the best prices to purchase advertising space, this could be for radio ads, telly advertising, newspaper adverts or Out of Home options (

A media buyer has the task of trying to keep the costs down for their client, whilst also trying to reach the largest possible audience through great placement; it’s a balancing act. At PromoMEDIA we have team of highly skilled in-house media buyers from across the UK, working tirelessly to secure the best deals and great rates for you. 

Our buyers at PromoMEDIA know the areas they work in very well and can arrange the best prices; they have key relationships in place with the various TV and radio stations, outdoor advert site owners, newspapers etc. so rather than you “cold-calling” these people and being charged expensive “rate card” costs, our team at PromoMEDIA will get you cheaper costs year in, year out as they are buying on a regular basis.

With a brilliant understanding of regional demographics and a knowledge of what works in each area PromoMEDIA can secure great campaigns at reduced rates whilst taking into account your requirements. In considering a full range of total media solutions they will offer an excellent return on investment (ROI), which ultimately sees your money go further and allows your business to grow.

Advertising and Media Costs – A Guide

The costs of advertising will vary greatly depending on the agency you use and also the type of marketing campaign you want to do, when you want to do this and the length of your campaign. Certain types of advertising, such as TV commercials and radio, are usually more expensive compared with newspapers and billboard sites. Other factors which can also affect the price include the duration of the campaign (how long you want to “run” it for), the locations (some sites are more sought-after as they are seen by more people) and even the time of year eg. Christmas (check out some memorable Christmas campaigns here, Easter etc. This is because lots of companies advertise then.

When considering what to do from the total media menu it’s often about balancing these things factors up. Obviously the longer a campaign runs and the better the site/reach, the advertising costs will be naturally higher, however the results and exposure are going to greater meaning you get more sales and interest in your business. As with anything in life you get what you pay for. 

At PromoMEDIA we offer both local and national media buying. National advertising is great if you are selling products which are available all over the country (holidays, services, cars, luxurty brands etc.) but for a small event or local business, a local campaign would be more effective cost-wise and also in result.

External Independent Planners & Marketing Agencies

Here at PromoMEDIA as well as working with our in house planners ( our media agents also offer direct buying options for external media planners, in-house marketing teams and marketing agencies. So if you are a freelance media planner looking for an independent advertising agency to purchase your advertising at great prices contact us today.

We can look after bulk or one-off purchasing (check out our total selection above); operating as an indepedent media sales agency. 

Contact Us

If you are looking to to advertise your company, business or product, contact PromoMEDIA today via the enquiry box on this page.

One of our friendly and skilled media buyers will then give you a call to run through what you are looking for, before putting together a bespoke marketing plan. As an independent media agency we offer a full selection of total advertising solutions and work with a diverse range of business; from national resturants to major retailers, construction companies to leading football teams and everything in between. So whether you are a small local business, an SME enterprise or national company we can provide a full range of advertising options to cater for your needs.

We look forward to hearing from you and working to achieve your 2018 advertising and business needs.