Radio Ad Production

Radio Ad Production

There are a number of radio ad production companies to choose from. Here at Promo Media we offer a high quality service at low prices.

Radio Advertising Services

Radio Advertising Services

Our radio advert producers are able to create high quality voice overs which will draw your target audience in and make them want to buy your products and services.

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Radio Ad Production Companies

At PromoMEDIA we strive to be the best radio ad production company in the UK offering high-quality services at very reasonable prices.

We produce radio adverts which are professional and broadcast quality for radio stations all over the country. This includes help with scriptwriting, sourcing and selection of voiceover artists, studio recording and supplying the ads to the required stations in the requested broadcast quality formats.  

You may already know the direction, tone, artist and script that you would like for your radio advert or alternatively you may be starting from scratch. At PromoMEDIA we can help from either of these starting positions. Get in contact today and let us know what you are promoting and if you have any ideas that you would like us to incorporate, our local radio experts closest to you and your surrounding area will then factor these in whilst also offering ideas which we think may help. 

When producing radio ads it is important that a high standard of ad is produced so that it stands out from the others and therefore works best for you. As radio stations have standards of quality that must be met, this means if your advert is not up to standard they may simply refuse to use it. Producing a poor standard advert can also have a negative effect and put people off your brand, subsequently making them not wish to visit your website or buy your products or services. An unprofessional radio ad can basically give off the wrong impression to potential nearby customers so they need some thought and consideration.

If you more like more information on our radio ad creation please fill in our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote and additional details.

What is Radio Commercial Production?

Radio commercial production is the process of creating a radio advert to promote your product, services or brand to be used in radio advertising campaigns. Here at PromoMEDIA we use different radio advert creators to cater for all budgets. Within these costs, we can help with scriptwriting and also the “voicing” of the ad. At PromoMEDIA we believe it is important your voice-over and script match the tone and voice of your company so that it actively appeals to your target audience in both subject and personality.

It is recommended that you consider your audience's preferences when creating your ad. Some products work best-using comedy in their ads, others more serious, others music based, others in a more factual manner. We will take your company and the perception you wish to give off when creating your ad so that it achieves the results you want.

Radio Ad Voiceover

Getting a great voiceover who matches your product is a key ingredient to the success of a great radio advert. Depending on your product you should consider age, accent and tone of the voice-over artist, as this will give an insight into the “personality” and “voice” of your business, company or service. Some adverts suit female voiceovers, others male, some an older person, some younger, some an accent, some traditionally received pronunciation (RP)  – each of these factors contribute to the feel of what you are creating.

When creating an ad our experienced teams will look at your script and product and suggest a voice-over artist they think suits. We will normally send you a few voice-reels (examples of their previous work) so you can hear them; you can then select the artist you feel is best for you. We then use specialist equipment in state of the art studios to create the radio ad to make sure that the advert is of high quality and works for you. 

On top of simply creating the ad, we can also book radio campaigns and have a great relationship with all the major and regional radio stations across the UK. To find out more about the benefits of radio advertising visit our page here- - let us know which stations you’d like to advertise on and the dates which would suit you.

How to Produce a Radio Advert Near Me

If you are looking to produce a radio advert and get it on air we would recommend following these steps:

  1. Contact us and tell us what you are promoting and which radio station it is on.
  2. Tell us about your target market and product, plus any ideas you have or would like us to incorporate.
  3. Send us the script or ask us to put something together.
  4. Select the voiceover that you would like.
  5. We will make the ad!
  6. Will we send you the ad for approval and check you are happy with, making any amends you need.
  7. Once approved we will send the advert to the station in the required formats for broadcast.

If you have any questions about the services which we provide, do not hesitate to contact us using the contact form on this page.

Radio Advert Production Costs

There are no standard costs for producing a radio ad. It depends on a number of factors including the length of the ad (most radio ads are 30 seconds long), the background music or radio bed that you need creating (“radio bed” is the industry term for the background music/effects).

For example, if you wanted to use a well-known music track in the background we would make sure that you had the necessary legal rights to do this and arrange the best possible rates for this. Another factor in the cost is the voice-over artist. If you are using someone who is unknown the costs will not be too expensive, but if you wanted to use someone famous you would obviously have to pay more for their services.  

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