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Facebook advertising is a popular and effective form of digital marketing and is used by companies of all shapes and sizes to promote their services, products or business. 

Whether your aims is to attract more “likes”, shares or just to increase the public awareness of your company and brand, a Facebook ad campaign allows you to achieve this in a cost-effective way. 

As with all types of advertising mediums, when creating your adverts it is important to have a clear understanding of your target market. Facebook ads are brilliantly effective with little wastage, allowing you to target specific demographics and filter audiences based on age, gender, interests, location and many other filters, making sure that you reach "the right people at the right time".

We are able to help you research your target audience (based on your current followers) and from this starting point, we can move forward to help you grow further. Should you have any questions about this form of digital advertising contact us today, using the enquiry form, and we will come back to you with more information and free quotes. 

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What is Facebook Advertising?

It is marketing your business, products or services through the social media site - Facebook.

Facebook is the most popular social media platform on the planet with over 1.65 billion users a month. It is, therefore, a great place to reach a large number of potential customers. As you can imagine, with so many users though you have to target them effectively so that you achieve the best results. Facebook ads are therefore created to target specific demographics including; age, gender, region, interests and more. Options include “likes” campaigns, boosting posts, retargeting, competitions and offers.

One of the great things about Facebook adverts is that you can manage them in "real-time" and see how many people have engaged with your adverts straight away. This means that if something is working well you can increase the spending and, if not, you can change direction and try something different. It is fluid and adaptable.

If this form of advertising is of interest to you and your company get in contact today and we can get things moving.

How Much Does a Facebook Ad Cost?

There is no fixed price and it can vary depending on how long you want the campaign to run and the size of reach (amount of people) you are looking to communicate with.

The good thing about a Facebook ad campaign is that you can literally spend as little or as much as you like; it really does cater for all budgets. You can also start, pause or end a campaign at any time.

For companies in Armigers who want to have their campaigns running constantly, or over a long period of time, the costs are obviously higher but sustained presence can be very successful. Sometimes, however, it is better to do short intense advertising spells over key periods (weekends, Easter, Xmas time etc.) where you can make a good impression quickly. We can advise on what we think would work best for you, depending on what you are selling and the industry that you are in. 

When contacting our team let us know your budget so we can plan a campaign accordingly and come back with some suggestions for you to consider. 

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Paid Social Media Marketing

Facebook is the most popular form of social media marketing but we can also cater for other social media platforms including Twitter and Youtube.

Paid for social media marketing is a great way to monitor your audience and how they interact with your product and services and it obviously has a much wider reach than your standard social media activity; reaching new people, not just the current ones who like or follow you.

Most businesses in the UK, of all sizes, have paid social media advertising to promote their business, company and services. Often this type of marketing is done in conjunction with other marketing as it is relatively cheap and it is something we encourage to go alongside most campaigns.

How to Advertise on Facebook

If you are looking to advertise your company on Facebook, take a look at the following steps:

  1. Set up a business page for your company, business, service or product. 

  2. Set a primary goal – what is the aim of your page? Is it to sell products? Give a greater insight into the personality of your business or something else?

  3. Research your target market – who are you speaking to? This will help you decide on the tone, messaging and content. 

  4. Once you have populated the page with the relevant information you are ready to look at paid marketing.  

  5. Get in contact with us and tell us what you are looking to achieve through the campaign - reach more people, get more likes etc. We will factor these in as well as coming up with other suggestions we think could work.

  6. We will put together a bespoke advertising proposal for you, either to hit people who already know you or new audience sectors - either appearing in their news feed or driving them to a landing page, employing the best ad practices and ad placements. 

  7. Once you are happy with it, we will book, create your ad and manage the campaign through our Facebook ads manager, reporting to you the results and progress. 

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Combining With Other Marketing Methods

Facebook adverts can work on their own but are often effectively combined with other marketing options which can initially raise awareness.

For example, a potential customer may see or hear your advert and then go online and search you through FB, or you may appear in their feeds with ads. This recognisability will reassure them and remind them of your existence. If you are looking to raise the profile on your business, in general, we suggest speaking to our media buying and media planning teams. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it worth it to advertise on Facebook? Yes, it is a highly successful and cost-effective way to reach people who are likely to be interested in the products or services you are offering. 

  2. How do I advertise on Facebook? Advertising on Facebook can be managed by in-house teams or by external marketing agencies who will have greater experience in optimising campaigns to ensure the best return on investment and ensure best practices.

  3. At the moment we manage the advertising on our Facebook page in-house, we know who our target audience is and use Facebook to communicate to existing followers but we are looking for new pages likes and wider targeting options. It was recommended that we download Facebook ads manager and create custom audience sectors in that but to be honest, we find ads manager very confusing. What would you suggest?” It sounds as if you have successfully managed your campaigns so far but if you are looking for more in-depth adverts, custom audiences and to hit new Facebook users, moving to Facebook ads manager is probably the best way forward. That said, it is quite confusing so if you are looking for help with that or would like a professional agency to manage to advertise your product or service, get in contact today. 

  4. Do you need to install a Facebook pixel when using Facebook to advertise? And do you need a special ad account?” No, you can run some ads within Facebook that don’t need pixel tracking, these are the simpler ad types such as boosts and page likes campaigns. You also don’t need a Facebook ads manager to run these. Many smaller companies tend to run individual ad campaign options like this in-house and get started with a basic plan. If you are looking for other options such as cost per click lead ads and certain news feed ads it may be better to get extra support. 

  5. What is Facebook paid advertising? The term covers a full range of options and can cover everything from the boosting of posts, ads in newsfeeds, web-clicks ads, likes campaigns and more. Contact us for more information, also don't forget to check out our blog. 

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Our team have years of experience and expert knowledge working with many companies in Armigers and can discuss the most suitable options for your business based on your aims and ambitions. 

We look forward to hearing from you. 

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