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PromoMedia is a top-rated SEO marketing agency and we have a range of services we carry out to increase online presence in organic search engine results. 

Our SEO strategies can help to improve your online and digital presence, helping to promote and raise awareness of your specific brand, company or service. This balanced approach means that your business will improve in the long run with a natural campaign, leading to increased search traffic, trust and ultimately exposure and sales.  

Indeed natural and managed search engine optimisation is recommended if you want your ranking on Google (and other search engines) to be permanent and consistent. Although many SEO agencies may offer quick results, these need to be carefully considered as penalties can be given to websites that try to deliberately manipulate search results. A positive and balanced campaign will mean that if people either search for your company, or whatever you are offering, you are visible and present.

SEO is not a form of advertising as such but is the best practice to ensure that when consumers know of you (often through paid advertising channels), that they can find you easily to enquire or purchase. As a professional digital marketing agency, we can advise on effective SEO strategies to help your business, service or product, appear correctly in relevant searches. 

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What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It basically entails the management of a website so that it ranks for what it should do; in essence, it means that if somebody is searching for you or what you offer, that you appear higher in the search results they are given. 

The job of a search engine, be it Google, Bing, Yahoo or another, is to make sure that the web results that they give a web user (after an organic search) is relevant and what they are looking for.

Correct SEO management basically means that your website and what you offer is clear to the search engine algorithms, if so, they will place your website high in relevant searches, leading to exposure, enquiries, traffic and sales.   

There are many facets to SEO and at PromoMedia we believe that all the elements have to be balanced to be successful; this means that your on-page information and copy should always be up to date, social signals are strong, meta titles and descriptions are enticing and many more factors. 

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What Are The Main Factors of Good SEO?

There are a number of factors that contribute to strong SEO marketing. At PromoMedia we describe these as "SEO tools". These, and the factors which affect ranking: 

  • Copy - we believe high-quality, unique content which directly answers the question and intent of a search is key. We would always encourage web pages to answer a search query with authority, confidence and accuracy. 

  • Site structure - make sure that your site is easy to navigate for a user and also for a search engine to be able to navigate and crawl the pages. A poor site structure can result in pages becoming de-indexed. 

  • Linking - strong internal links, which connect relevant subjects to help a browser answer their question or give them what they are looking for is very important. Internal links should connect up relevant thought processes. External links (links from other websites to you), should come from relevant and trusted sources - perhaps news articles, blogs or reviews of your work, business or product. You should never buy these as you could end up with low-quality links connected to poor websites which have nothing to do with your corpus and user intent.   

  • Social signals - connect your website with your social media channels. Makes navigation easier and makes you digitally joined up. 

  • The freshness of content - SEO isn't something you can once and then think it's done. It's something that needs to be managed at all times, so your website is up to date and not essentially gathering dust on a shelf!

To be honest, there are hundreds of contributing factors but these are the ones that we believe carry the greatest weight and significance. For more information and a free quote get in touch today. 

How Much Does SEO Cost?

As you can imagine there is no set cost for managing an SEO campaign, it will depend on a number of factors, namely: 

  • The size of the job - some websites are bigger and also need more attention. Some search terms are much more competitive and we will require more work. We will always run an audit and outline how much work we think needs doing before we commence. 

  • Type of assistance required - sometimes a website may just need content marketing, basically, that is improving the on-page elements; the copy, images and videos. Other times, there may be more technical issues and need a site redesign or structure overhaul is needed.

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Can I Manage My SEO Myself?

Yes, many people choose to manage their search engine optimization in-house in order to rank well, however, normally we find that an SEO agency is best placed to start the process for you and get your website into a decent position. After this, your SEO efforts and frequent copy and updates can be complimented with notes and technical advice, such as up to date keyword research and competitor analysis, to make sure that you are keeping on track and making sure that your website continues to rank where you want it to. 

What is a Backlink?

A backlink is an incoming link from another website. Many SEO experts will tell you they are vital to ranking a website. Whilst important they should only ever be natural and real. There are a number of different types of backlinks, including image, as well as text links. When placing or managing these links you will need to understand anchor text and the difference between 'No follow' and 'Do follow' links. Essentially, a 'no follow' link is one that does not pass any trust or authority through to the page. You will find 'no follow' links on sites like Facebook where anyone can add a link to the site. If you have a 'do follow' link you are telling Google the site you are linking out to is trustworthy - if it isn't, you may be hit with a penalty. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Search Engine Optimisation 

  1. “There are many people on the internet who seem to offer a guide to SEO, all with different views on what the most important ranking factors are. We are looking to increase our organic search traffic in a natural way. We want to adhere to best practices rather than choosing to shove many keywords onto a page or blog. What do you think makes the best SEO strategy?” Yes you’re right there are lots of people out there who will promise to improve your search engine ranking and lift you up the results pages but you need to be careful who you take SEO advice from. Generally, the search engines are way more intelligent than given credit for and don’t like websites that try to manipulate natural results, tactics just as unnatural link building is rightly frowned upon and even used as a negative SEO tactic. The main piece of SEO advice we would give is to write brilliant content, a well-structured site, strong social signals, fresh content and answer a users intent; basically make your website do what it should!

  2. “What is the difference between search engine marketing and search engine optimization?” There is no difference; they are basically the same thing. Search engine optimization SEO is essentially the process of ranking a web page (it literally could be one page, as Google ranks pages not sites) or a whole website in organic traffic searches to achieve as high a position as possible in search engines with search results.

  3. We are wanting to rank higher in search engines and gain more organic traffic, what are your top tips for improving search engine rankings?  And is there anything to avoid?” Our guide to SEO will give you an overview of what we think are the main points to focus on; basically, we would suggest strong content marketing (copy, images, videos etc) on your web pages and a great user experience. We would avoid heavy link building strategies; these tips should see you positioned well in search engines.

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If you would like more information on how professional search engine optimization could help improve your business or company's natural position in search engine results contact our experienced teams today. 

We will run an SEO audit of your current site to identify problem areas and ways to improve so that you will become more visible to new and existing customers. 

We look forward to hearing from you. 

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