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Our media buyers offer a wide range of cost-effective advertising options for businesses looking to attract more customers, increase awareness or keep their brand in the public eye. 

Our experienced media buying teams in Auchtermuchty work with a diverse range of sectors from education to sports, public services to healthcare, charities to luxury brands, so whether you are launching a new product or looking to increase sales of your goods or services, we are here to help. Depending on your budget and the type of campaign you want, our teams will purchase the required media for you, capturing attention in the most engaging and cost-effective ways.

Simply drop us a message today and one of our media buyers will be in contact. If you know exactly which type of advertisements you'd like we can get costs for you quickly, however, if you are unsure, we can advise. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to make your media purchasing process as simple as possible. 

Most marketing campaigns have a recommended minimum spend of £3000 to have a successful impact but this depends on your aims. 

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Buying Media in Auchtermuchty

We offer total media buying options across a range of media types - we call this our "total media menu":

  • Newspaper – we can place adverts in any newspaper. Print advertising continues to be a hugely effective form of marketing. As well as local titles we also cover all the main national titles such as The Daily Mail, The Daily Mirror, The Telegraph, The Daily Express etc. We can get you both great rates and different size ads in brilliant positions. If you are interested in our print media options, read more here.

  • Magazine – we can place adverts in any of the major national magazines, everything from Primary Times to The Radio Times. With weekly, monthly, glossy and bi-monthly editions of various magazine to consider, you can be sure to find a magazine purchased and read by your target audience. 

  • Radio – there are lots of radio options to consider and it continues to be a highly effective marketing tool. With national stations such as Classic FM, Smooth FM and Heart FM, all offering great packages, being on the radio is also an affordable option. There are also lots of smaller more local stations to consider, particularly effective for smaller businesses targeting local consumers. We can also create great radio adverts at a brilliant price, read more here. For more information on the power of radio advertising check out this page here.

  • Television – whether you are looking for ITV, Channel 4 or Sky Adsmart TV advertising - look no further. TV is the most expensive form of marketing in the UK but this is because the results are brilliant. Our skilled creative teams and can also help you create and produce your TV ads, as well as getting them cleared for transmission. If you are interested drop us a line and a helpful media team member will be in touch. Again for more information, read more here

  • Billboards – digital and traditional paper billboards are very popular, especially the large billboards found at roadsides (48 sheets). These billboard adverts are typically found in prime sites and locations such as shopping centres, high streets and even at the side of motorways. Our outdoor specialists can secure you particular key billboards (if you know which ones you would like), or you can purchase a package or selection to target a specific area or target audience. For more information on billboard ads read our billboards advertisement page.

  • Train – train and bus station advertising is very popular. There are a variety of options (as they are all different shapes and sizes) - these range from 4 sheets, 6 sheets and 12 sheets ad campaigns, to bigger posters such as 48 and 96 sheets, digital billboards, adshells and more. For more specific information on train station adverts take a read of this page.

  • Buses – you’ve all seen them and no matter where you are in the country there's always buses! It's therefore not surprising that there are so many options, from bus seat adverts, bus stop advertisements, bus ticket ads, large posters on the side of buses, T-side adverts and bus rear ads. You can even brand a whole bus! If you want to get the wheels in motion today read more here or get in contact today for a free bus advertising quote. 

  • Underground – this form of marketing is particularly successful and effective as the tube network carries millions of people every day. There are both digital and paper options - which are great at targeting commuters as well as tourists from across the country and indeed the world. Underground ads are ever-evolving and exciting; the main ones are LEPs, platform posters and adgate adverts. Our media buyers can secure any form of escalator or underground ads you desire, so either drop us a line or for more in-depth information on tube advertising read here.

  • Phone– the trusty old phone box has re-invented - no longer somewhere to just make a simple phone call, they are now places where you can recharge your mobile phone, use WiFi and of course; advertise! You can brand the inside of a phone box, advertise on internal screens or in fact brand a whole phone box. A staple in most areas of the country, from street-corner to high-streets, they are increasingly popular. Seen by hundreds and indeed thousands a day in some locations, have you considered phone box promotions for your company? Read more or drop our media buyers a message, for more information on phone box adverts.

  • Retail – promoting inside shopping centres and in their car parks is increasingly popular, especially with brands that are sold within the shopping complex. This is often why you see luxury brand and retail advertisements in shopping centres. Shopping centre ad options are varied but typically include billboards, lift adverts, escalator ads, 4 sheets and 6 sheets adverts. Shopping centre advertising is a highly successful form of marketing as it targets people in the mood to spend and in a relaxed frame of mind. For more information on shopping centres read our dedicated page or for more info on out of home advertising read here.

  • Online – online ad options are many and ever-growing! From buttons and banners on various websites to SEO options, programmatic buying and e-shots. We are a vastly experienced digital media buying agency. For more information read more here.

  • Social – as you can imagine the options are ever-growing for social media advertising too with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and many more joining the mix every week. As an experienced and specialist media buying company - with our fingers on the digital pulse - we can help with promoting across any of these social platforms. Social media marketing is often highly effective, for more information have a read of this section.

  • Vehicle - often very cost-effective and you can brand individual vans or lorries or even whole fleets. You can also consider the journeys that these vehicles may be taking as well if you are looking for potential customers in certain areas. To read more about buying for vehicle advertising read here.

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What is a Media Buyer and What is Media Buying?

A media buyer or media buying agency is a person or organisation that negotiates the best prices to purchase advertising space. A media buyer has the task of trying to keep the costs down for their client, whilst also trying to reach the largest possible audience through great placement; it’s a balancing act. We look at performance and return on investment. 

When we get your enquiry we pass your enquiry to an approved and experienced media buyer who is an expert in your media type; they have key relationships in place with TV and radio stations, outdoor advertising owners, newspapers etc. So rather than you “cold-calling” these people and being charged “rate card” costs, our teams will get you cheap costs year in, year out as they are buying on a regular basis. Our media planners also have a brilliant understanding of regional demographics and a knowledge of what works in areas all over the country. We also work with a huge cross-section of industries, everything from health and beauty to finance and local government, and we can advise which media works best in these types of areas and niches. 

Media Rates in Auchtermuchty

When using a media buying agency or media buyer, you as an individual or company are able to unlock experience, preferred rates and advice that simply purchasing on your own doesn't allow. If you are uncertain about certain media types our teams can offer further advice and even examples so that you can make an informed decision before moving ahead. We can also present different examples of how related media campaigns and plans have performed to give greater insight. 

For more information on media buying make sure you contact us today. 

What Are The Benefits of Getting Someone to Do My Media Buying?

Experienced media buyers purchase advertising space and media every day, across the UK. This means they have existing relationships in place and can get good rates. Media buying can be a laborious process if doing it yourself. In letting an experienced team handle this process you can get on with your work knowing the whole process will be expertly managed from start to finish. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Media Buying and The Process

  1. "What media buying means?" It is the purchasing of advertising media, whether it be outdoor, TV, radio, digital or other, at the best prices possible prices so that an advertising campaign can be cost-effective and successful in hitting the right target audience.

  2. "What is media planning and buying?" Media planning is the decision making part and composition of a media plan, whilst media buying is the literal purchase of the media space. We offer different media options to suit a whole range of companies. 

  3. "How do you buy media?" You can buy through experienced advertising agencies, such as us, or directly through the media outlet or owner. 

  4. "Why is media buying important?" There is no point in having the best service, product or company in the world if nobody knows it. Purchasing media allows you to tell your target market who you are and what you do. 

  5. Our internal marketing team have put together a marketing and media plan together, are you able to do just do the media buying if we send this over?” Yes, we can either help with media buying and media planning or just look after the buying for you if you know what you want (we work across a range of media channels). We will make sure that a media buyer gets you the best rates possible on everything from digital advertising and social media campaign through to large scale outdoor or TV advertising, just let us know.

  6. We currently book lots of digital media – mainly Google ads and social media digital advertising campaigns (including programmatic buying)– but we are thinking of embracing some more traditional marketing methods just as radio ad billboards to hit our target audience, does your media buying team advise on these?” The media buying teams and media planning teams work as one, so yes we can give you advice on some new areas of advertising (as well as costs) to hit your target audience.

Media Buying For External Independent Planners & Marketing Agencies

If you are a freelance media planner looking for an independent media buying agency to purchase your advertising and execute your media plan at great prices contact us today. We can look after bulk or one-off purchasing; operating as an independent media sales agency. We will assign you to an appropriate buyer for your needs and sector. 

Summary and Contact Us

If you are looking to advertise your company, business or product, contact our media buying team today for a bespoke media plan. Our experienced and friendly media buying teams will be delighted to talk to you. They will give you a call to run through what you are looking for, before putting together a bespoke marketing plan. So whether you are a small local business, an SME enterprise or a national company we can provide a full range of advertising options in Auchtermuchty to cater for your needs.

We look forward to hearing from you and introducing you to our media buyer so that you can execute your advertising needs. 

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