Media Planning in Lambourne

Media Planning in Lambourne

Our top media planners will put together a bespoke marketing campaign incorporating a range of advertising media to suit individual aims and budget.

Cost Effective Advertising in Lambourne

Cost Effective Advertising in Lambourne

With years of experience our friendly teams can maximise the return on investment on any size budget, planning campaigns to include outdoor options, radio, TV ads and anything else in-between. Contact us today for FREE quotes.

Independent Marketing Consultants in Lambourne

Independent Marketing Consultants in Lambourne

Take the first step today in enhancing your company’s reputation, professionalism, sales and appeal by getting in touch with our independent and friendly marketing consultants today.

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Media Planners in Lambourne

Media planning is the process of creating the most effective advertising campaigns for a company so they achieve their marketing aims, typically to increase sales, brand awareness and ultimately see profits grow.

The role of a media planner is to select the most appropriate advertising channels to achieve desired results, hitting a requested target audience. Depending on your industry, sector and budget, different media will be more suitable.

At PromoMEDIA we put you in contact with experienced media planners to make sure that all your advertising is placed at the Right Time, Right Place, Right Price. We believe getting these three factors right is the key to any campaign's success.

Our teams work with a range of different companies, ranging from retail to sports clubs, small start-ups to NHS contracts, to international brands and more. 

If you would like us to put together a creative and cost-effective marketing campaign for your business drop us a message today. We look forward to hearing from you, whatever your target market and budget. 

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Media Planning For All

In a nutshell, effective media planning is the brains behind any successful advertising campaign.

Media planners are essentially responsible for the first stage of the process in suggesting effective options for companies, based on individual aims. With their years of experience and with key relationships already in place, media planners are able to create bespoke campaigns and then secure the best sites, prices and locations in Lambourne. 

When we get your enquiry one of our media planners will give you a call to chat through what you are looking for and then put together this plan for you.

Their job will be to identify the two most important factors:

  1. Which form of advertising is best suited to your target market - this could be anything from billboard ads to newspaper or TV advertising.
  2. Timing - where and when this promotional activity should be carried out to have maximum impact. 

Contact a Media planner

Your Media Planner

Depending on the information we get from you we will match you and your business with an appropriate person.

Our media planners are hand-picked. Sometimes this planner will be local to you, other times they may be a specialist in your niche; either way, they will have a chat with you and then put together a creative, bespoke and cost-effective campaign, designed to get you the results you want. 

On approaching us, a large majority of people are undecided on the ideal ways to promote their business or product - this is completely normal. Most clients approach us knowing that they “need to do something” to improve sales and get noticed but aren’t certain of the way forward. If you are in this position this is something our media planners take care of; it’s what we do, all day, every day.

How We Plan Your Advertising

These are the steps we will follow after we receive your initial enquiry:

  1. We pass it to the media planner we think suits you best – based on what you are looking for, where in the country you are and what product or service you are looking to advertise.
  2. We talk to you - our friendly planner will call and find out more about you, your company, your aims and ambitions. 
  3. Create your costed campaign - if you know what you want we will come back with costs on that specifically, otherwise, we will put together a list of suggestions based on your needs and budget.
  4. You look at the options - you look over our plan, review, make suggestions, ask us questions, until you are happy. We can go and backwards and forwards until we have created something you are 100% happy with.
  5. We book the adverts - once we are agreed on the plan, one of our media buyers will book the ads for you at the best prices.
  6. See your ad in action - whether you advert is in a newspaper, on a billboard, online, on TV or on the radio - you can sit back and see marketing in actions!
  7. Enjoy the results!

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What Makes Us Different?

Often other agencies specialise in certain advertising sectors and media types but at PromoMEDIA we can book any type of media you need, therefore creating a perfectly balanced campaign incorporating a range of suitable options.

We also believe that having one media planner overseeing the whole process is key as it allows them to make sure that all the strands of your advertising campaigns and the various elements are tied together.

The options our media planner will consider when putting your campaign together could include any of the below options: 

Considering all options our teams will put together a plan based on what you are promoting, marketing is not a one-size-fits-all proposition, so this will always vary depending on you.

If you are unsure of what your spend should be, our experts will provide you with more advice, even coming up with different valued packages to demonstrate what different level of spends could get you. 

What Makes the Best Media Planners?

A question often raised at marketing conferences and many people have differing opinions however we believe that the following attributes make the best media planners:

  • An ability to listen to a client’s ideas
  • Understand the business goals of the company
  • Suggesting proven methods that have worked before in that industry
  • Coming up with new ideas
  • Listen to what has, and hasn't worked before (if advertising has been carried out previously)
  • Secure the best rates

We aim to take the mystery out of marketing and make it simple. 

If a clear and cost-effective approach to advertising appeals to you, we are the agency for you. 

Cost-Effective Advertising

Cost-effective planning is key to any successful promotional campaign because no matter how big or small you are, every company wants to spend their money wisely. Our media planners naturally work closely with our media buying teams, who look after the final stage - the Right Price side of things.

Some agencies only “work up” your marketing campaign, suggesting to you "what you should do" but without having the facility and contacts to book the recommended activity. As a full-service virtual agency, we do both media planning and buying.

We essentially look after the whole process for you, giving you peace of mind, so you can get on with your day job.

If you as an individual or as a marketing department were to call these media suppliers direct you would be charged “rate card”, but our combined media buying and planning teams can get you superb placements and costs, as they negotiate and work with these people all the time.

This gives us greater buying power and influence in negotiations.

To read more about the buying process, read here,

Independent Advertising Consultants

At PromoMEDIA we aren’t wedded to one form of advertising or one supplier so all the advice we offer is impartial and independent.

As independent advertising consultants, we are able to offer a new perspective and pair of eyes - judging your enquiry on a case by case basis. For example, if you were to contact an agent who specialises in outdoor advertising, they are only going to suggest outdoor ads to you, regardless of that being the most appropriate form of advertising in Lambourne for your company. Our independent media planners are therefore able to look at the bigger picture, often suggesting a combination of different fresh ideas and mediums that you may not have considered. We work with a range of industries including: 

We also work with lots of different designers and people who create assets for your campaigns including radio adverts and making TV ads so if you need help with any creative elements we can help.

Your Media Plan

As mentioned a bespoke campaign is necessary in a modern and competitive world, where promotions and marketing are the backbones of any successful business.

At PromoMEDIA we firmly believe that working with a professional media planning team is better than going it alone and that all companies need an experienced and skilled advertising agency on their side - check out our blog to find out more!

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Get in contact with us today and find how our experienced media planners can help you take that next step in getting your company, service or product in front of the right people at the right time.

Our media planners will then put together a bespoke marketing campaign to achieve the result you want. Our campaigns can be placed in any area in Lambourne to target potential customers.  Remember that all quotes are free so there is nothing to lose from an initial enquiry!

We look forward to hearing from you soon and working with you. 

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