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Business advertising is the process of generating sales and awareness of a company through a variety of marketing mediums, both traditional and online methods, to keep them in the mind of their target audience. 

We know that every business is different, so our specialist media planners will listen to the individual aims and ambitions of a company before putting together a marketing plan.

We work with a range of companies, from small and medium-sized enterprises to large corporate ones, to help them achieve their desired results; whether that is to increase sales or levels of brand awareness for their company, service or product. 

Our business marketing teams will listen to your aims and put together a bespoke plan, simply drop us a message and one of the team will be in touch to discuss the various suitable options available to you. 

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What is Business Advertising?

It is simply the promotion of a business or company and the services they provide. 

Business advertising is carried out by most companies so that they are in the public eye and conscious throughout the year. The benefits of such marketing are that a company can reinforce its popularity with current customers whilst also reaching out to new ones.

There are many different methods of advertising that a business can adopt to achieve exposure including TV and radio ads, emails, print, outdoor adverts, PPC online ads and social media advertisements. It all depends on your budget, where you are and what you are looking to promote. 

To find out more, drop us a message and tell us a bit about you; what you are looking to achieve, your target market, any geographical areas of interest and an idea of your marketing budget. When we have this information we will put together a tailored marketing campaign for you to consider. 

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Which Companies Should Carry Out Business Advertising?

Basically, all businesses need to carry out some form of advertising and promotions to make sure that what they offer is known by the general public and consumers. Our teams work with companies of all sizes from: 

  • Sole traders and independent stores

  • Partnerships

  • Small and medium sizes enterprises (SMEs)

  • National Companies

  • International brands

Depending on the products or service you supply, we will identify a suitable and effective strategy to help your business be both stable in a tricky world, as well as grow. 

Which are the Most Effective Marketing Techniques to Advertise a Business?

The most suitable and effective techniques depend on the company, location and aims and ambitions of the company.

Smaller companies (such as local services, restaurants, bars etc) will only need exposure in a small geographical location, however, if you have a national service or product you will want to go further afield. 

Broadly we look after the following types of businesses: 

SMEs with a Small Regional Catchment

Not all companies are looking to take over the world but all need customers to survive.

Most small and mid-sized companies exist by servicing their local areas, examples of these include builders, plumbers, electricians, local gardeners, independent local shops, non-chain restaurants and cafes.

When looking at a campaign for these types of businesses, we tend to focus on strong local outdoor advertising, local press advertising, targetted social media, print in appropriate outlets and possibly smaller local radio stations. Budgets are flexible but tend to start from a few thousand pounds. 

Larger Regional Businesses

Businesses that have a wider catchment area need to push beyond the smaller towns in which they may exist, they need to give a sense of greater size and scope. Options for these larger regional companies would include all of the options that an SME would adopt, however, other options may be included, such as larger regional radio campaigns on larger commercial stations, shopping advertising in large out-of-town malls and even regional TV advertising. 

National and International Companies

These are the biggest companies and brands.

They would tend to have large budgets and almost any, and all, techniques and advertising options can be used. These companies would often want to give a sense of scale and prestige and most of these would have TV advertising, national press advertising, strong and impactful outdoor, underground advertising and strong online and social media campaigns.

These types of companies spend hundreds of thousands to cement their position at the top of the pile and to keep themselves clear of the opposition. 

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What Are The Costs Of Business Advertising?

The costs of marketing varies depending on a number of different factors.

These are basically; the type of media you choose, the length of the cycle (time period you want this to run for), location and time of year. 

For more information on costs, simply check out the individual pages that we have where we go into more detail. You can also contact us for additional information and free quotes. 

How to Advertise Your Business - The Next Step

We recommend the following steps if you are looking to advertise your business:

  1. Contact our team using the enquiry form to get the ball rolling.

  2. Tell us about your business and service – your history, your aims and ambitions. Where do you see yourself in the next year? Five years? And ten years? 

  3. Let us know your target market - we can help you research this if necessary or if you are uncertain. Put yourself in their mind; where do they live? Which radio stations did they listen to? Which papers do they read etc?

  4. Decide on the types of ads you want - our media planners will let you know which will work best for your organisation, however, you may already have some ideas on what you want to go for, or ideas on what you think will work. 

  5. Purchase the ads - our media buyers will do this for you. 

  6. Design artwork that you are happy with and supply to us. 

  7. See the advertising in action.

  8. Review the results!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. "What is marketing for a small business?" There are lots of options for small business marketing, many of which can be reasonable in terms of costs but achieve great results and allow you to attract new custom. Many consumers use Google (or another search engine) or social media when looking for products or services so we often suggest including these in any marketing strategy, they are a great way to inform people about what you do. We would normally suggest looking at some basic outdoor and press ads as well, as part of simple marketing plans, then take things from there.

  2. We have been told just to do digital marketing and email marketing for our small business, is that a good idea?” Marketing for small businesses is mainly about attracting new customers to a product or service. There are lots of options to consider and digital ones such, as social media (which in many ways also doubles as a form of customer service), email marketing, content marketing and PPC are all great however we would always suggest a few different avenues such as outdoor and press ads so that your product or service is seen by a wider audience. Get in contact today and leave an email address, we’ll send over some more info or arrange a call.

  3. "How do I market my small business UK?" Small business marketing is ultimately dependent on what product or service is being offered, most business owners know they "have to do something" to attract potential customers. It’s probably best to contact our teams and chat through your aims and ambitions and we can put together a bespoke campaign that includes everything from Facebook ads to TV and radio. 

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Our experts at PromoMedia are able to help you create the most appropriate and cost-effective plan to promote your business, company or service, to help you attract customers whilst remaining in the consciousness of current ones.

If you would like to discuss our services please fill in our contact box and one of our friendly staff will get back to you quickly with helpful advice and a free quotation. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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