Local Council and Political Marketing

Local Council and Political Marketing

We can provide a range of advertising services for political campaigns and local councils, using a variety of channels including billboards, posters and newspaper ads.

Political Campaign Advertising

Political Campaign Advertising

If you are looking to get engagement with a local campaign, we can help you reach your target audience and catch attention through effective strategies.

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Local Council and Party Political Marketing

At PromoMEDIA we work with local councils to promote services or initiatives using a variety of marketing and advertising techniques to communicate with local residents.

We also work with political parties who want to get their message out to potential voters on either a national or local level. This is where we can offer local council and party political marketing through a range of strategies.

As local council issues matter most to people within certain areas (and there subsequently is “no target market” as such, everyone is of interest) we often recommend carrying out strong local campaigns with high-visibility, visual advertising techniques.

If you are looking to promote your council’s work, political party or local council issues get in touch with us today and we can confidentially take you through the options.

Which Platforms Work Best for Local Authority and Political Marketing?

For local council, local authority and party political marketing we tend to suggest strong local campaigns which focus on high-footfall areas.

This means that your message will get seen by lots of people and also importantly a wide range of people. We tend to, therefore, favour outdoor marketing options for this including 48 sheets, 96 sheets, digital screens, train station advertising and various 4 and 6 sheets campaigns.

Below we highlight some options we would suggest. If you are interested in looking into these get in contact with one of our friendly team today.

Billboard Advertising for Local Council and Political Campaigns

Billboards are brilliant at getting your individual message out there. Typically, we tend to suggest 48 sheets (these are the very large posters you tend to see at roadsides) as they offer high-visibility and good value for money. We can also look at 96 sheets which are even bigger. Take a look at this page https://www.promo-media.co.uk/advert-services/billboard-specialist/ to see more details on the billboard options that are available.

This type of large billboard advertising very works well as you can combine images and text, as well as getting your poster into targeted high-footfall areas. You can select certain locations; popular ones tend to include shopping centres, roadsides, train stations and car-parks. However, each town or city tends to have bespoke sites which are of key interest, if this is the case let us know specifically which site you would like and we will do the best to attain this for you.

These poster sites tend to be hired out on 2 weeks minimum time period. If they are digital sometimes shorter runs can be accommodated.

Poster Advertising Options

As well as the large 48 sheets mentioned above, there are lots of other poster options which work very successfully in this industry.

The most common types of these large-format posters are known as 4 and 6 sheets. These are large posters often seen in train stations, bus stations, train platforms, toilets in bars/clubs/cinemas, bus stops. There are lots of options of where these can go and you can often target personal demographics though these too. Often this type of advertising works very successfully as you can also buy lots of these sites in certain areas/town centres, so everywhere people turn they are seeing your message clearly. 

Newspaper Adverts

Newspaper ads are old-fashioned, proven and still work brilliantly in local council advertising campaigns. Particularly popular with an older demographic, newspaper and press advertising is a great way to get your key messages out there. Often in these ads, you will be able to say more than you can on a poster.

You can, therefore, outline plans, ambitions or your ideas in more detail so that the general public can learn more about you. Take a look at more details of the newspaper campaigns we can run on this page https://www.promo-media.co.uk/type-of-ads/press-adverts/ if you are interested in this type of marketing.

We often suggest newspaper advertising to supplement the above outdoor options for the local council and party political marketing. 

Leaflets through People’s Doors

Again, leaflets are an old-fashioned but highly successful way to get your message out there. Leaflets can be printed in various sizes and can give lots of specific information about plans and policies. Printing in bulk saves a lot of money and turnaround times are very quick. They are particularly effective as it allows local residents to digest information at their own leisure and when convenient. You can obviously be very detailed about your plans and proposals.  

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If you are a local council, local authority or political party looking for help in booking selected media for your campaigns get in contact today and we will put together a list of suggestions based on your needs. Alternatively, if you know what you are looking for we can book outdoor, press ads, radio, TV ads and more, at the best prices all over the UK.



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