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Telephone box advertising is often an overlooked but underestimated part of the outdoor advertising mix, however, strong and eye-catching positions in towns and cities and a recent invention into being places of information with smartphone charging capabilities, digital screens and generally having been smartened up has seen them start to become a popular form of advertising once more. 

As experts in phone box advertising in Skerries we offer a number of different advert types and marketing possibilities to help gain your product or company exposure. Whether this is branding an entire box externally, posters and adverts inside the actual kiosk or digital possibilities on the internal screens, our experienced teams can help you achieve this. 

If you'd like to find out more about telephone box advertising, contact us today, let us know the location you are interested in advertising in and a brief overview of your business or product. We will then be in touch with more information and free quotes for you to consider. 

A suggested minimum spend is £1500.

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What is Phone Box Advertising?

Put simply is advertising internally or externally on public phone boxes. Options are varied across the UK but can include posters or wrapping the outside and inside panels with artwork and messaging. Also internally there are now often digital screens that can carry static digital adverts or play promotional footage.

Phone boxes and kiosk advertising have always been a popular form of outdoor advertising but over the last few years, they have certainly reinvented themselves to keep up with other exciting advertising options on the market.   

We think that well-positioned phone booths in high streets are a great way to market most products and services to any target audience. They are therefore used by a full range of businesses, from large well-known brands to smaller independent stores in the locality of the phone box. 

If you would like more information contact us today. 

Who Uses Advertising On and In Phone Boxes?

As mentioned telephone boxes are fully versatile platforms and can be used by national companies and campaigns looking for blanket coverage across the UK but they are also increasingly used by local companies to target people within close proximity of their premises. These types of adverts are therefore popular with the following organisations and companies within towns and cities:

One of the main benefits of this type of advert is that they can be seen by both people driving and in transit as well people walking on the street or by those using them (who may have more time to absorb particular messages), so although not incredibly targetted when compared to some other forms of advertising they have a brilliant wide reach. 

Some campaigns also use them for directional purposes, literally to point or indicate the physical positioning of a company eg. an arrow pointing in the direction of a particular shop or restaurant.  

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A Guide to Advertising Costs For Telephone Boxes

Phone shelter advertising costs vary depending on a number of factors, these are namely: 

  • The number of telephone boxes - obviously the more you want the more they will cost. That said, we often recommend taking a few so that your "opportunity to see" is increased and your return on investment higher. 

  • The positioning of telephone boxes - those in areas of particular high-footfall such as London, Manchester, Cardiff etc and with subsequent higher footfall is likely to be more expensive than those in smaller towns and rural locations.  

  • Type of advert - depending on if you are looking to brand part of the kiosk, wrap the entire kiosk or just advertise internally, this will affect the cost as well. 

  • Time of year - some times of the year are busier than others, such as Christmas, Valentines, New Year, Black Friday. This is because lots of advertisers are potentially looking to promote, this can mean these times are more expensive as demand is high. If you are looking to promote at these peak times it is always advisable to book well in advance to avoid disappointment. 

  • Length of run - basically how long do you want the campaign to be for? Most are for a minimum of 2 weeks but many of our clients tend to take them for 4 weeks. Some companies also like to have them on a more permeant basis. 

For more information and a bespoke quote contact or experienced teams today. Our media planners will send over more information, examples and rates for you to consider.  

Digital Phone Kiosk Advertisement Options

As mentioned many telephone boxes in the UK are being, or have been, upgraded to kiosks that offer wifi connection, internet facilities and phone charger ports for mobile phones. As these kiosks grow in what they can do, this means that the time spent in them increases as well. Also the demographic of users is wide meaning that it's a great option for almost any service, company or product. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. We are considering advertising to our local target market using phone boxes. We are looking to hit the high streets in a few local towns near us, we are a medium-sized restaurant, would you recommend telephone box advertising for us or something different?” If you are looking to advertise in high streets using phone boxes, it is certainly proven and effective; it also offers great value for money. These are the main reason they are so popular, they also hit a broad target audience so will work well for a restaurant. Get in touch today for more info on phone kiosk advertising.  

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If you're interested in having our business advertised through this popular and proven form of out of home marketing contact our experienced teams today. 

They will run you through the various options and send over a bespoke quote for you to consider. 

We look forward to hearing from you. 

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