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Our teams can create high-quality TV adverts to showcase your product, service or company to millions of people through the power of television advertising. 

Advertising on television is one of the most expensive forms of advertising on the market today, that is, however, because it is so effective with its ability to hit a wide range of people in a controlled way.

That said, a TV advertising campaign will only work if the advert itself is professional, high-quality and is able to "sit" nicely with other top TV adverts out there being broadcast. 

Our experienced teams at PromoMedia are able to create effective TV ads for a wide range of industries and in different styles, to suit various budgets. If you'd like more information on our TV commercial production or TV ads in general, contact us today. 

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What is TV Commercial Production?

TV commercial production is the process of creating a TV advert to be broadcast on commercial television stations.

There are various different types of TV adverts which you can employ - some use actors to tell a story, some animation, some are graphical. In many ways, whatever you are promoting will dictate the approach that is right for you, your target market and your product. 

TV advertising is a hugely successful form of marketing but one that is totally dependent on the actual TV commercial. If the advert you create to showcase your product looks cheap or gives off the wrong impression, it can have a negative effect on your brand perception with the general public. 

On the other hand, a great TV commercial has the power to generate huge revenue and some are iconic are famous in themselves; think of Guinness, John Lewis and Coco-Cola. All their brands have recognisable and re-callable TV ad that is known nationally and even internationally. 

TV Advert Production Costs

The cost to carry out TV commercial production varies depending on a number of different factors. These are mainly: 

  • Length of the advert - most adverts are 30 seconds in length. You can have a shorter 10 and 20-second version and even longer one, but the most common is 30 seconds. 

  • Actors/Presenters - having people in an advert pushes the price up, especially if you are looking to have a well-known celebrity or "face" in it. That said, celebrity endorsement and connection to a product can help elevate it in the eyes of the public. 

  • Animation - do you want any special animation? An advert can be wholly animated or you may want to have a start or end frame animated to add some more sparkle. 

  • On-location - if you are looking to shoot a TV advert you may need to film on location, the hiring of such locations can be expensive, especially if you are looking for iconic landmarks. Before TV commercial production takes place the relevant permissions will need to be sought from local councils, you can't just turn up somewhere and start filming. 

  • Studio - if you aren't filming on a location you will most likely be shooting in a studio. This is a common set up for TV ads as the environment - lights and sounds etc - can be more easily controlled. 

  • The complexity of the shoot - how many cameras do you need? Size of the crew? All these will add to the costs. 

  • Turn around time - how quickly do you need your TV commercial making? A quicker turn around time can be more expensive, so it is better to plan some months ahead.  

For more information and a bespoke quote for a TV commercial, get in touch today and our experienced teams will send over more information for you to consider. 

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How to Produce a TV Commercial - The Basic Steps

If you are wondering how our teams produce a TV commercial, have a look at these easy steps:

  1. Research your brand and target market. 

  2. Get in touch with us and tell us about your product, service and company and let us put together a plan for your TV advert process, from start to finish. 

  3. We will come back with various options and proposals for you to consider based on who you are and what you are looking to achieve. 

  4. Decide on the direction and 'feel' of the ad - this could be animation or filming people, we can discuss what is the best approach for your ad.

  5. Storyboard - we will then storyboard and formulate the ad together, working out a script and shot list. Once we are all happy we move on to the next stage...

  6. Shoot the video - this could be on location or in a studio. We cater for both types of these TV advert production approaches. 

  7. Add sound to the video, if this is secondary to that taken at the shoot eg. a soundtrack.

  8. Edit the final TV advert and send it to you for approval. 

  9. Buy the ad space on the best television channel for your niche and target market. 

As experts in the creation of television commercials, we will carry out all of these processes for you to ensure you get the best out of your ad. Should you have any questions about the costs or more information in general, please get in touch by filling out the enquiry.

Frequently Asked Questions About TV Advert Production

  1. "How long do TV adverts last?" As mentioned there are no set rules, most TV adverts are 30 seconds but 10 and 20-second versions are also available, with some longer options as well. 

  2. "What makes a good tv advert?" We think clear, confident messaging and something which attracts attention and lives in the memory is the best so that a potential consumer can recall your product or service at a later date. 

  3. "Who makes TV adverts?" There are lots of brilliant TV advert production companies across the UK who make TV adverts for a variety of industries. At PromoMedia we can both create and book a TV advertising campaign for you.

  4. "How much does TV commercial production cost?" It varies depending on a number of factor including the length of the advert, size of the crew, turn-around time. For more information read our guide. 

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If you would like more information or a free quote on producing a TV advert for your company get in touch today. Tell us a bit more about you, what you are selling, an idea of turnaround and your budget. We will then call you and chat through the various options for your TV advert production and put together a proposal and quote for you to consider. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon. 

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