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We have a number of reputation management specialists offering services to help you create and maintain a positive perception of your company, service or product with your target market.

Our experts understand that every business is different and will require a different reputational management plan to meet their unique needs. We work closely with our clients to ensure that that their company is presented in the way they are happy with and suits their individual business, whether you are a clothing retailer, a restaurant or a tradesperson. 

Our specialists can help present your company in a positive light to your target audience, as well as managing any unjust, negative comments you may have had.

We have a number of different services which we can carry out to improve your business's reputation, so please do not hesitate to contact us for more details. 

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What is Reputation Management?

Reputation management is the process of controlling a business's reputation and influencing how it is presented to others. In today's world, it is essentially online reputation management; controlling your brand reputation in the eyes of the general public so that you are portrayed both favourably and accurately.

A good reputation management agency will be able to get the information you want people to see about your business in front of them.

This will improve your existing online reputation status, cementing good comments and reports, whilst increasing the number of people wanting to use your organisation or purchase your product. Managing businesses reputations has become essential in recent years, especially with more people using the internet.

With social media and online reviews, it is easy to lower a good company's status due to one negative experience. Online reputation and reviews are easily discoverable and reputations can be enhanced and destroyed (often unfairly) quickly.

Here at PromoMedia, we can prevent reputations from being negatively impacted by creating a crisis management plan. For example, if information about your organisation has got into the wrong hands or someone has engaged with your organisation in a negative way, we are able to help resolve and balance these with more positive messages. This kind of online reputation management is especially important in a world where competitors can even post misleading reviews which are not fair or accurate; these inaccurate and negative SEO attacks are more common than ever before. 

Our experts will work hard to help you maintain a good reputation, whilst also attracting more clients to your site.

If you have any questions or queries regarding managing your company's reputation, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our specialists today.

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Managing Social Media and An Online Reputation

In today's society, it is important for all business to have social accounts. These are a great way to appeal to a cross-section of society whilst keeping your existing friends and followers up to date with any news you may want to share.

Having social sites connected to your local business comes with a number of responsibilities and it is important to manage your social sites regularly so that you are current and up to date.

At PromoMedia we carry out a number of services to manage your social accounts in order to create a positive reputation for your brand in Badlesmere and keep people engaged with you. Over the past few years, these accounts have become like customer service points, where consumers come to seek information and find out more about you. We believe that in nearly all cases you should strive for positive content, which is both engaging and informative. Should you receive any negative reviews or comments you should always respond in a balanced and professional way. It is important that you get these removed if inaccurate or more preferably you respond as soon as possible to ensure other users are not deterred because of these posts.

Normally if a company responds to negative posts in a positive and professional way (resolving the issues a customer is facing) the majority of times this user will remove their negative comment or replace it with a positive one as you have acknowledged and tried to help them.

Review Site and Search Engine Results

Review sites and Google search results (as well as other search engines) are where most people are going to find either positive customer reviews or negative review concerning your company. 

As an experienced reputation management company, we believe it is best to be present on all these review sites and that you should be taking an active interest in what is being written about you - both good and bad. This will allow you to respond in a timely manner and show others that you care about customer experience and that you are doing your best to put things right.   

Search results are also something that you need to keep an eye, to make sure that favourable comments are featuring high up the SERPs when people are researching your company, brand or product. 

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How to Manage your Business Reputation Online

If you are looking at how to manage your business reputation online, we would recommend following these steps as a starting point:

  1. Post a balance of professional and fun posts, so that your audience can connect with you.

  2. Respond to negative comments on your social media in a positive way,

  3. Create social accounts to represent your company the way you want.

  4. Be professional at all times.

These tips will help you maintain a positive repute for your business and brand and give out a positive customer experience. Our experts are able to assist you when creating social accounts and posting content to ensure that you remain professional and appealing.

Check out our recent advertising blog on the importance of brand reputation in marketing. 

Balance Negativity With Positivity - Take Action

As well as dealing with and balancing anything negative online with positivity and balanced response, we think that a positive portrayal through other forms of advertising is always worth doing.

We would always recommend a balanced marketing campaign that focuses on the good work you do. Most forms of advertising that we offer are effective in almost any industry and niche.

It is probably best to check out the full list of services on our homepage or drop one of our media planners or media buyers a message, they will tailor it to something to get positive messages out there, whether on outdoor ads, press ads, radio or TV ads.!

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Reputation

  1. "Why is Reputation Management Important?" It is important so that your company is at all times presented in a positive and accurate manner. This leads to both increased customers satisfaction and great customer/consumer service. However, in the long term, it increases revenue as people see and hear that you care and deal with both positive and negative reviews in a professional manner. Reputation management is not just about "putting out fires" but spreading and creating positivity. 

  2. "How much does reputation management cost?" There are no set costs, some reputation management companies work on a retainer basis and for contracted periods of times, others can help for shorter periods of time and to try and deal with negative posts and situations or even just encourage positive reviews. We can offer varying degrees of service, so if you are looking for constant online reputation management or just a short term project, get in touch with us today and we will see how we can help. 

  3. "How do you manage online reputation management?" We always think you should embrace both the good and the bad and deal with issues before they escalate. In terms of what we do, our teams can help improve lots of areas including; your position and what is mentioned in search engine results (even doing PPC if necessary), advice on handling social accounts, managing review site comments, or just offering a sounding board on how to respond to negativity. Contact our online reputation management team today for more information and take control. 

  4. "What is Reputation Management in Social Media?" It is a form of online reputation management and essentially looks at your interaction on social channels such as Facebook and Youtube, making sure that you deal with and manage your public perception so that you are fairly and accurately portrayed to current and prospective customers. 

  5. "What is reputation management?" Reputation management and online reputation management is basically making sure that your company, business or product is portrayed accurately and positively to consumers. This means making sure you appear favourably in search results when someone googles your company name. Our online reputation management deal with everything from small companies to professional footballers, for more information and free quotes, contact us today. 

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As discussed the online reputation management of any business is paramount in a world of social media, search results and online reviews, which can sometimes be devastating and often unfounded. 

Simply tell us a little more about your company and how we can help. We can chat through the various options and will help to find solutions to suit. 

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