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If you are looking for an experienced video production company to produce a video or a promotional trailer to promote your service, business or product, contact our experienced and creative teams today.

We specialise in the creation of both private and promotional videos to promote a range of services and products for a range of companies; from short business and company videos, training videos, animated trailers, show-reels and more. 

Our specialists have years of experience and expert knowledge in the creation of high-quality and engaging videos at great prices. We can provide you with a variety of case studies and examples of past work if required. For more information on our video production services contact us today and one of our friendly team members will get back to you with more details and a free quote.

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Types of Video Production Available

We produce a range of different options to suit various needs and budgets. The videos we create are mainly used for online marketing and promotions, as well as a team and inter-company communications. 

The most popular types of video production we carry out are: 

  • Corporate video production - these are mainly used to showcase the work of a business or organisation, they are often placed on a company's main website, offering greater insight into what a company is offering in a visual capacity. 

  • Showreels - popular with performers who want to showcase their skills to prospective casting directors and agents. They are also now part of initial client prospecting for new jobs, vacancies and role often sent to accompany a CV.  

  • Training Videos - mainly used internally by large scale companies, training videos are a cost-effective way to train staff and save time and money. They can also be easily edited and amended over a period of time. 

  • Animated Promo Trailers - these are popular as videos online and are typically promoted through social media channels. 

For more information on the above options drop us a message today.  

Corporate Video Production

Most businesses produce a short video in order to showcase their work and what they do.

Website images aren't always enough and videos allow work and results to be showcased in a more powerful way. They work particularly well when revealing an "end product" such as in the construction industry, in reinforcing a positive reputation and revealing more of the personality of a corporation or business.

These types of videos can vary in length but are typically around 2 minutes long, any shorter doesn't allow enough time to convey a message, whilst longer can struggle to hold the full attention of a viewer. 

If you are looking for a corporate or business video to showcase the work of your company get in touch today. 

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Showreel Production and Editing

A showreel is a short video that presents examples of a company or individual’s past work to showcase their abilities to potential clients, employers or casting agents.

Showreels are a great way to showcase a business’s products or an individual's skills in a professional manner. The reason these short films are in high demand is that they allow the viewer to see and hear about your products, talent and services. Here at PromoMedia, we create high-quality showreels to present case studies of your previous work to new and existing customers.

Showreel production can help to increase sales, exposure and return on investment.

If you would like us to either film, produce or edit together a showreel from existing footage, contact us today for a quote and more information. 

Animated Video Creation

As experts in animated video creation, we can produce high-quality animated videos to showcase your business or product in a fun and informative way. 

We can create bespoke motion graphics and incorporate your company logos within the animated trailer, whilst also looking after storyboarding and voiceover to create something engaging and effective. Animated videos are versatile in that they can be both fun and informative and also factual and formal.  

Animation and info-graphic videos are hugely popular with a cross-section of businesses, for more information contact us today, tell us the messages that you are looking to convey and we can put together a plan to achieve this. 

Video Production Teams - The Process

When we get your enquiry for video production we will work through the following process:

  1. Our video production team will call you to talk through your aims and ambitions; what you are looking to achieve from the video and who your target market is. If necessary, or if you are unclear, we can suggest and research this for you. 

  2. Following that, we will recommend the type of video which is most suitable and the appropriate video content in order to engage these people so that your video achieves its aims and gets the results you want. 

  3. Once we have decided on the approach we will storyboard and script what we are going to film. This means that nothing gets missed and that the editing process will be smooth and easy. Once we have approved this stage we will move onto the production and filming part. 

  4. Filming - we will bring all the necessary equipment, source a location, company, cast and crew if required. We will capture all the footage working towards to a strict and efficient filming process. 

  5. Sound - if necessary we will do a separate sound call to make sure that we get the best voiceovers, sound and music quality. Poor sound quality can really jeopardise the overall "feel" of a video. 

  6. Editing - once we have captured all the relevant footage, following the storyboard we will edit the video together; producing a slick and professional video. 

  7. Approval - once we have edited it we will send the finished edit to you for approval. At this stage, you can review and make any final tweaks. Once we have agreed and signed off the promotional trailer...

  8. We supply the ad in the required format for use on your website, on YouTube adverts or whatever else you have in mind.  

For more information on any of these elements, get in touch today, we will talk you through the whole process. 

Promotional Video Production Cost

The cost of promotional video production will vary from one video production company to another but will be based on a variety of different factors. These are namely: 

  • Type of video - as briefly explored you could look at a filmed option or something animated. 

  • Length - how long do you want the promotional video to be? Some want something short and snappy - maybe 30 seconds, typical business videos are approximately 2 minutes, whilst video or EPK training can be over an hour. 

  • Equipment - if you need specialist equipment, such as filming cranes or rigging, this can contribute to increased costs. This will all be accounted for in the planning and story-boarding phase 

  • location - if you are looking to film in a specific or especially iconic location, this can incur costs and permissions. We can help get all these for you. 

  • Cast - do you need actors or voiceovers? If so, these will cost, especially if you are looking for a well-known face or voice. 

  • Sound rights - if you want to use specific music or a famous track there may be rights issues connected to this. We can help confirm and arrange suitable licences. 

  • Editing Time - the amount of time to edit and length of approval can affect the final cost. 

For more information and a bespoke quote for your project, get in touch today. 

Frequently Asked Question About Video Production

  1. “We are looking for a video production company to produce some unique video content to promote a new restaurant, we are mainly going to use the footage on our website and social media. We have approached a few video production companies and it looks very expensive. On top of the actual filming and editing costs, you have to pay for a creative director and other add-ons. Can you help?” Yes, we can. Video production costs can vary wildly, especially of you are looking for a creative video to stand out, it doesn’t matter whether that is being used on TV or just on social media. As you are probably filming in an internal location and are probably looking for a video for around 2 minutes, we can certainly help with your video production and options can start very reasonably.

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If you are looking to promote your service, brand, business or company contact us today.

We will look at options to suit you based on your target market, budget and aims and ambitions. Our experienced teams will take you through the whole process to produce something you are entirely happy with to showcase what you offer to its maximum potential. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

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