Product Launches

Product Launches

We expertise in the introduction of your very first product, and the most effective marketing strategies surrounding the initial promotion.

Independent Product Launching

Independent Product Launching

We understand that launching your product is an important step which is why we are here to help you throughout your independent product launch.

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Product Launch Advertising

As a professional product launch marketing agency PromoMEDIA can help you advertise new products across a number of different platforms, both online and offline.

Advertising a new product can be difficult in today’s highly competitive world, which is why a combination of online and traditional marketing techniques should be used to ensure that your target audience sees your product across a variety of mediums.

At PromoMEDIA we employ a range of different media platforms (check out the Types of Media section) to successfully promote businesses, brands or products. These options include TV ads, newspaper adverts, radio advertisements, outdoor, social media adsSEO services and more.

At PromoMEDIA we believe it is important to create a rapport with our clients so that we fully understand their product and needs, this allows us to all work together to achieve the best results possible.

Our advertising experts would be delighted to speak to you regarding the marketing and launch of your new product, business or service. If you would like to get in touch with one of our friendly staff members please fill in the contact form on this page and we will get back to you as quickly as possible with more information.

How to Launch a New Product

If you are looking to launch a new product, we suggest taking the following steps, we can, of course, help you with all these:

  1. Decide on a budget for marketing.
  2. Research your target market in detail so you are clear who you are targeting.
  3. Decide how you want to advertise your product and present it.
  4. Think about creating an event to showcase what you do, or a special “opening event” to grab the public’s attention.
  5. Allow people to pre-order if this is possible (this helps to build excitement and buzz).
  6. Release your product slowly – don’t over-stretch yourself - so you can meet demand but also keep the public wanting more.

By contacting our team of specialists here at PromoMEDIA early in this process we can help you with these steps to ensure that your product launch is a success. We have years of experience in advertising new products and have the expert knowledge to help your business grow. If you would like to discuss our strategies and take that next step with us, please do get in touch.

Launching a New Product 

Launching a new product or business is quite a daunting experience so we are here as a specialist product launch marketing agency to help and make it as easy as possible. When launching a new product, it is important to get your marketing and advertising right. There is no point in creating a brilliant service or product if you don’t tell the right people about it.

The mistake a lot of businesses make is that they are too cautious in launching, meaning they never really give their new business idea a chance to flourish and shine. One of our mantras at PromoMEDIA is Right Time, Right Place and Right Price, We believe that if you get these three elements in line superb results can be achieved from the off-set.

In a competitive market, you have to make it easy for nearby potential customers to find you and that means you have to make marketing work for you and get your message out there. If you don’t have belief in your abilities and your product you can’t expect the general public closest to you to trust you as well.

As the saying goes “you’ve got to be in it to win it”. As mentioned there are so many different forms of marketing for you to consider that it can seem daunting but at PromoMEDIA we know which forms of marketing work for which products and industries so we can guide you to the ones we think are the most suitable for your business and the ones which will reward you with the best ROI (return on investment).

At PromoMEDIA our media planning and media buying teams, who are based across the country, work with different sized companies every day, so whatever your financial budget and whatever you are promoting, we can put together a plan which will strengthen sales and your brand. Depending on your business needs we will match you with the most suitable member of our team so you work well together. We will also deal with the entire process – from recommending media to purchasing the advertisements in your surrounding area, we can even create the artwork for campaigns if necessary.

Simply tell us a bit about your launch and product and we will look for the best option to promote this whilst staying within your specific budget. You'll be able to explore the different services we can provide with one of our advisors in greater depth over the phone or by email. Simply complete the quick enquiry form on this page to get the ball rolling.

Independent Advertising Agencies Near Me

As an independent advertising company, we will find solutions and put together a brilliant plan to make your business dreams become a reality. These plans can include everything from leaflets, billboards, television adverts, radio station ads and social media advertising. These may be things you have not considered but what we believe could work well for you and your brand. We take personal pride in developing imaginative and effective adverts to really attract the attention of your target audience and like to open our clients' eyes to the various possibilities that marketing can bring.

The costs of these various types of adverts depend on different factors e.g. the type of media you are planning to implement, timing and duration of the promotion. As with all marketing make sure you are clear on your main market so that you can achieve the best results and target these people effectively. Wastage can be costly.

Cost of Marketing a New Product

There is no set cost when launching a new product. If you want to set up a big event and include TV and radio ads the price will be more than simply having newspaper and poster ads. We recommend looking at your target market to find the best way of advertising to them and sometimes a smaller budget can achieve the same results as a more expensive on if the money is spent wisely,

It is important to choose a spending budget prior to ordering so that you can keep a clear hold on things your end and so you don’t overspend. Should you have any queries, please complete the contact form.

Target Market Research Methods Near Me

In order to attract the attention of your target market, you will need to think about their behaviour – put yourself in their shoes. Where do they shop, how do they travel, what newspapers do the read, do they listen to the radio? It’s these pieces of information which allow us to then effectively target them.

In general advertising campaigns develop over time so you can review the responses to see which has the best impact for your company. Reviewing analytics and data on a daily basis allows companies to check that they are on the right path. For top-level results and ROI, we strive for an immediate reaction and response to our advertising, so that you as a client see instant results.

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If you are looking for a specialist product launch marketing agency to get your brand off the ground, simply fill in the contact box on this page and we will get back to you with more information about our services and how we can help. Launching a new product is an exciting time and we would love to help you achieve the results you want.  



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