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Advertising in airports is something which is becoming increasingly popular, especially with large international brands who are recognised across the world. As options are fairly limited, it means that sites and availability are at a premium and therefore highly sought-after.

With a captive audience and with airports now boasting fantastic shopping facilities, exposure to potential customers of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities is excellent, with both business travellers and holidaymakers exposed to these adverts. For these reasons, airports are a favourite place to advertise expensive luxury brands, flight carriers, major local attractions and holiday companies.

If airport advertising is something you are interested in contact us today, tell us which airport you are interested in and we will come back with options to suit your budget and target market.

Most campaigns have a recommended minimum spend of £3000 to have a successful impact. 

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What is Airport Advertising?

Basically, it is advertising in airport terminals and the surrounding areas, such as car parks and roundabouts. 

It is a popular form of marketing as it represents a captive audience, who are often waiting, bored and with little to do, meaning that they are often receptive to a range of messages. 

It is popular with global brands as well as attractions local to the city. With various options to suit differing budgets, it is a growing and popular media outlet. 

What Are The Options for Airport Advertising?

There are a number of advertising opportunities available when advertising in airports, these are mainly outdoor and out-of-home advertising techniques and typically include:

  1. Static or digital poster sites in the terminals and shopping areas.

  2. Full branded walkways to and from the flight terminals.

  3. Rest-room and restroom options.  

  4. Ads and poster sites in departure lounges.

As airports are often clean, white and spacious, highly visible, bright stand-out artwork works really well. More details on the outdoor advertising options can be found here.

Also, as there are people of all nationalities, strong images rather than text and word-based advertising is often more successful, so that is something to bear in mind when putting together the creative of the ad. 

What are the Costs of Airport Advertising?

The costs of airport advertising are dependent on a number of factors, namely:

  • Size of the airport - the size of the airport and the number of daily flights can affect the cost of the marketing options. Advertising in major international terminals with high footfall and numbers of passengers such as Heathrow Airport, Gatwick Airport, Manchester and Birmingham are more expensive than smaller more local ones - but this is because they have many million passengers using them every year. Space is often booked in advance so get in early if you want to get the sites you desire.

  • Types of media employed – branding a whole walkway is expensive whilst posters in toilets or generally smaller poster sites can offer reach at a more affordable rate, however, there are options to suit most. 

  • Length of cycle - how long you want your advert to run for, most options are for a minimum period of two weeks. 

For more information on options and costs, contact us today. 

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Which Industries Use Airport Marketing?

Airport advertising is used by a range of different industry sectors to appeal to both new as well as existing customers. The most popular industries which use this type of marketing are below: 

The above are often universal service and products, so they appeal to a huge cross-section and demographic, often leading with strong visual imagery. 

Terminal, Airline and In-Flight Advertising Options

As well as advertising inside the airport it’s also worth thinking about advertising outside of the terminals.

Most people travel to an airport via train or taxi so think about poster sites at train stations or taxi branding, take a look at this page for more details on vehicle adverts.

Other options could be large outdoor poster sites and 48 sheets around the airport at key roundabouts.

For those with larger budgets, there are even options to brand planes as well as a host of in-flight magazines to consider.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. "How much does it cost to advertise in an airport?" They are a number of advertising opportunities to consider and there are different associated costs attached. Typically seen by a million passengers or so, airport adverts aren't one of the cheapest on the market but they are proven to be very successful, particularly for global brands as well as attractions local to that specific city. 

  2. "Why do airports advertise?" They generally advertise to generate money for the upkeep of the airport and surrounding areas, targeting people living in that country and also advertising to tourists


A relatively new and evolving form of marketing, options are variable depending on the specific airport as they vary greatly in size and options. If you have a specific airport you are interested drop us a message and we will let you know the options suitable for your budget and target market. 

Also don't forget to check out our advertising blog which looks at a full range of subjects including regional marketing, the dos and don'ts on social media, advertising in the summer months, which outdoor ads work best and more!

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If airport advertising is something that you are interested contact us today. Let us know the airport you are interested in, what media you are interested in and an idea of the budget.

We will then put together a bespoke package for you.

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