Outdoor Ad Agency in Greater Manchester

Outdoor Ad Agency in Greater Manchester

We offer a full range of outdoor marketing options for a diverse range of clients. Drop us a message today for more information on outdoor media and how it can work effectively for your campaign.

Out of Home Advertising in Greater Manchester

Out of Home Advertising in Greater Manchester

Our Out of Home Advertising options across the country include roadside billboard, phone box ads, tube advertising and more. Contact us today for FREE quotes.

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Outdoor Advertising in Greater Manchester

Here at PromoMedia we are leading suppliers of outdoor advertising.

If you are looking for billboards, bus adverts, tube advertising, taxi ads or any other type of outdoor advertising media in between, our top teams can get your advertisement seen by your target market through a range effective options.

Outdoor advertising (or out-of-home advertising as it is often known) is one of the most popular marketing mediums in the country and is used by a wide range of companies due to its ability to offer a fantastic return on investment. At PromoMedia we offer a full range of options to suit various budgets and locations.

If this brilliant form of advertising is of interest, simply contact us today and one of our experts will call you to talk you through the options and supply quotes for your consideration. 

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Types of Outdoor Advertising Media Available

Please find below a list of the main options available. The below is just an overview, for more information simply follow the links or drop us a message:

Train and Railway Station Advertising Options

There are many options for advertising at train stations including:

  • Posters on train station platforms
  • Large digital screens in train station terminals
  • Large billboard posters positioned throughout the stations
  • Standard railway posters found in walkways and ticket offices
  • Adverts inside the train carriages
  • 48 sheets and 96 sheets on platforms and near the arrival/departure boards
  • Ticket barrier adverts, sometimes known as adgates
  • Escalator panel adverts (LEPS)

At PromoMedia we offer advertising at train stations all over the country from small rural stations through to major city-centre station terminals. Train advertisements are hugely popular with our clients, hitting a cross-section of demographics and commuters, this means that this form of outdoor advertising is suitable for almost any brand, service or product. For more specific information read here or contact us today. 

Train station advertising

Roadside Advertising, Banners and Roadside Billboards in Greater Manchester

Roadside advertising in Greater Manchester includes large traditional static 48 sheet and 96 sheet billboard posters - plus there’s also new digital billboard sites; these are particularly striking as motorway billboards or LED ads on main ring-roads. 

Roadside adverts have great visibility and are seen by people driving, walking or when stuck in traffic. They are one of the oldest and most proven forms of outdoor advertising. These types of roadside adverts are offered all over, in locations ranging from roads in and out of small villages through to main roads into cities. Almost every road in the country has an advertising option. 

Roadside Advertising

Advertising in Shopping Centres  and Surrounding Areas

Advertising in shopping centres, retail parks and their locale (eg. carparks, roundabouts etc) is particularly popular with clients directly promoting products being sold in that shopping centre but this form of marketing also favours local businesses and regional services, promoting goods and events nearby, such as restaurants, gyms, leisure facilities and healthcare services. Adverts in shopping centres is a great form of outdoor advertising in Greater Manchester as it hits people who are out and about, wanting to spend money and in a relaxed mood. At PromoMedia we have excellent relationships with the busiest shopping centres across the country, including The Trafford Centre, Arndale, Westfield, The Bullring and Bluewater. Options to consider include the below:

  • Posters inside the malls
  • Carpark ads
  • Digital options and LED screens in entrances and exits
  • Lift adverts and lift panel adverts
  • Escalator ads
  • Billboards on surrounding roundabouts
  • Digital screens and digital billboards in the eating areas
  • Toilet and restrooms ads
  • Branded print and shopping bags
  • Leaflet stands and street furniture

Shopping Centre Advertising

On-board Bus Advertising Options

Buses are an excellent form of media to get your company, brand, business or product seen in lots of different areas by your target audience. In many ways bus adverts are like moving billboards – you can even select particular routes. As buses come in different shapes and sizes, bus advertising options are varied and include:

  • Posters on bus backs
  • Bus streetliner ads
  • T-side bus sides
  • Bus seat ads
  • A3 posters inside buses
  • Cove adverts
  • Bus ticket adverts
  • Or you can even brand a whole bus - known as bus wrapping

As buses drive across villages, towns and cities from early morning till late or night (or all through the night in the case of London Red Bus Advertising) they offer brilliant value for money. Bus adverts are therefore popular with many companies as this type of outdoor advertising achieves wide reach and diverse coverage, whilst offering value for money via an excellent return on investment. For more specific information on bus adverts check out this page - here. 

Bus advertising

Bus Stop and Bus Shelter Advertising Options

As well as options to brand buses, static bus stop adverts are highly effective and one of the most popular forms of media with our clients. With buses a hugely popular form of transport for many, passengers spend a lot of time stood at bus stops waiting and on street furniture. For advertisers, this is great chance to get a message over to potential customers; bus stops ads, therefore, offer a brilliant “opportunity to see” and chance to engage with people who are often in a receptive mood. And of course, it's not just bus passengers who see the adverts but people both walking and driving past. 

Bus stop advertising

London Underground Advertising, Tube Advertising and TFL Advertising Options

The London Tube network – which covers over 402km, serving 270 stations - is used by 4.8 million passengers a day. London outdoor advertising is therefore NOT just for companies from London but very popular with companies from all over the UK and indeed the world.

Advertising on the London Underground is hugely popular and used by a variety of companies and industry sectors because London not only has lots of residents but many business people visiting - as well as those on holidays or short breaks - this makes tube advertising key for many businesses. Many national and international companies believe if you can "crack" London, you can go global!

Popular and Proven Tube and Underground Advertising Options To Consider

  • 4 sheet, 6 sheets and 12 sheet posters
  • Large billboards on tunnel walls
  • Posters outside the stations
  • Digital out of home screens
  • Ticket barrier ads
  • Posters at paying kiosks and customer lifts
  • LEPs or Escalator Panels
  • Large posters on tube platforms
  • Ad-coves inside the tube train
  • Options inside ticket Halls

Tube advertising

How Much Does Outdoor Advertising Cost in Greater Manchester?

Costs vary based on several different factors:

  • Location - city centre sites are often well-sought after as they have a higher “footfall” or greater “opportunity to see” - basically meaning more people see your outdoor ad. This, unfortunately, can mean higher prices, however, this greater exposure often leads to more sales. You will need to balance these up when planning your campaign.
  • Time of year - Christmas and key dates, such as Valentine Day, Easter, Mother Days etc are often more expensive and get booked quicker. This is because lots of advertisers are looking to get maximum exposure and sales for their products at these key marketing and promotional times of the year. If you are looking to promote around these keys dates, remember to book ahead. 
  • Seasons of the year - some outdoor ads often work best in summer when people are out and about, however, newer digital options (and back-lit posters) mean that posters can still be bright and clear all year round.
  • The size of the ad - a large format poster is obviously more expensive than a smaller one. At PromoMEDIA we can arrange posters from small A4 posters through to 4 sheets, 6 sheets, 48 sheets and even massive 96 sheets. Some campaigns work best using large billboards, others lots of smaller ones, seen everywhere. 
  • Length of time – obviously the longer the cycle you want your campaign to run the more expensive it will be. Most outdoor sites are booked for a minimum of 2 weeks per site but we often recommend a longer cycle to gain better exposure. Typically a 3-month campaign achieves great results. 

The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Out-of-Home Advertising

  1. What do you think is the best form of outdoor advertising?”. There isn’t a straight-forward answer and this depends on your product, location and target market. Some services and products lend themselves more favourably to ooh advertising than others, but it’s probably best to have a chat with our specialists to tell us more about you and we can make some suggestions – it could be billboard advertising, digital billboards or something on the buses. It may also be that we suggest another form of media altogether, but let’s chat first.
  2. "How far out should I book out my outdoor advertising campaign?" Our advice is always to book as early as possible, the best sites tend to get booked up months and in some cases years in advance. Early planning is very much encouraged, especially if you are looking for coverage at busy times of the year. 

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