PPC Management Services

PPC Management Services

As a specialist online agency we manage PPC advertising campaigns to help brands get noticed on Google by potential customers who are searching for your keywords.

Pay Per Click Experts

Pay Per Click Experts

Our team will research your keywords and target audience so we can put together online adverts which effectively drive more customers to your website.

Google Adwords Advertising

Google Adwords Advertising

Online advertising is crucial in the digital age and many businesses choose to market their services on Google search; we can offer help and advice and work with any size budget.

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PPC Management Services

If you are looking for PPC (Pay Per Click) management services PromoMEDIA are able to provide these online services to promote your business, service or product to a budget which suits you. 

PPC adverts appear above the organic search results in Google and subsequently have great stand-out and offer great exposure for any business in any industry.   

Managing Pay Per Click advertising on Google Adwords can be difficult - in making sure that your adverts are returning at a good rate and offering value for money - but our specialist teams have the skills and expertise to make it a success.

Advertising online is one of the most popular ways to promote brands to both a broad yet targetted audience.

With PPC ads placed on Google (and online advertisements in general), you can target your adverts to people who are specifically looking for your service; this means wastage is reduced and ROI is often excellent. 

Get in touch with us today if you would like some further information on our internet advert consultancy services. Simply fill in the contact form and let us know what you are looking for and one of our team will come back with information and a plan for you to consider. 

Pay Per Click Advertising

Many companies use pay per click advertising as a way of promoting their brand, or specific products and events.

This form of marketing can be carried out as a stand-alone marketing option or is more commonly coupled with other forms of more traditional advertising methods for even greater returns. 

The appeal of PPC ads (which sit above organic results in a Google search) is that they tend to be more eye-catching and are more likely to be clicked on; plus people don't generally like searching across too many search result pages, so being near the top of a Google search is key and desirable for any company.

Organic SEO techniques (https://www.promo-media.co.uk/type-of-ads/online-search/) and backlinking (https://www.promo-media.co.uk/advert-services/seo-backlinks/) are brilliant ways to achieve these results online, however, these methods can take a lot of time to achieve results, so this is not always the best strategy for every company or product who are looking for an instant increase in traffic, exposure or sales. This is where PPC comes in. 

PPC adverts are particularly effective if you are selling something which is only available for a limited time, such as ticketed events and theatre showsor items at a sale price.   

PPC Ads - Flexible Online Marketing Campaigns

Pay Per Click marketing campaigns can be flexible to suit:

  • Different keywords
  • Budgets
  • To target at certain times of the year
  • Be location specific

At PromoMEDIA will completely tailor the adverts so that they get the best return on investment; with the above targeting meaning wastage is minimal. 

The above online campaigns elements can also be tweaked mid-campaign to achieve even greater results. The type of responsive marketing is one of the reasons online marketing is so popular and effective with many advertisers across a huge range of industries.  

At PromoMEDIA - and also PromoSEO (https://www.promo-seo.co.uk/) - through careful keyword research we look into your target audience and then develop an effective online strategy to increase the number of visitors to your website through these PPC adverts.

This is why Pay Per Click is one of the most popular lead generation and web traffic methods used by companies all over the UK in increasing brand awareness and profits. 

Online Marketing Company

As an experienced online marketing company, we have worked with many clients offering local and national PPC management services across a range of industries.

When setting up these campaigns you can set your budgets and how long you want the campaign to run. This means there are no surprises at the end!

The way that Google AdWords works is fairly simple, and it means you can never overspend or be left with surprise charges on your bill. Basically, you'll decide on a budget, for example, £30 a month, and we'll find keywords to target with the advert placement. It couldn't be easier. 

Each keyword or phrase will have a different cost per click (CPC) depending on how competitive it is. So if you choose to have your ad shown when someone searches for a particular keyword, and that keyword has a CPC of £3.50, you'll pay £3.50 whenever someone clicks your ad. When your £30 budget has been spent, the ad won't be shown anymore so you can't be charged for any further clicks.

This is a great way to manage your spending and make sure it always stays affordable.

650% ROI from PPC Management 

The results from a Pay Per Click advertising strategy can be extremely beneficial for your business.

We have seen clients receive a 650% ROI from PPC management by attracting more customers and enquiries to their website.

Will PPC Work For My Company?


PPC advertising works for a full variety of companies - basically, if someone is likely to Google what you offer it's worth looking into this form of online marketing.

Pay Per Click is successful whether you are launching a new product, promoting your business (https://www.promo-media.co.uk/projects/business/, or trying to sell products and services. It also works across a cross-section of industries including retailhealthcareluxury and finance. 

When you contact us one of our online specialists will contact you discuss the project with you to identify your target markets, aims and ambitions. If possible let us know what your main keywords are and the audience you are trying to target with the campaign - our consultants will then set up campaigns which focus around these words and phrases to make sure the right people see your ads.

Traditional Marketing Which Works With PPC

Pay Per Click advertising can work alone as an individual form of marketing, however, this is often only successful if a person already has some knowledge of your product or service.

At PromoMEDIA we, therefore, find that many of our advertisers use PPC as part of an overall marketing strategy often coupling this form of online advertising with outdoor adverts (https://www.promo-media.co.uk/type-of-ads/outdoor/), train station ads and radio advertising (https://www.promo-media.co.uk/type-of-ads/radio-adverts/) and more.

The reason they work successfully together is that people often see or hear these traditional forms of marketing but don't have time to respond to them straight away (as they are doing something else), they tend to then "Google" these events, products or businesses later; this is where PPC comes into force.

Traditional marketing can get their interest then PPC can take them to the next stage of the purchase and gets them on your website. 

When driving people to your website it is also a good idea to have good social media including Facebook (https://www.promo-media.co.uk/advert-services/facebook-ads/ and YouTube https://www.promo-media.co.uk/advert-services/youtube-ads/, so that you can continue to appeal and show them more about what you have to offer overtime and in more detail. 

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